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We all know how it goes in Hollywood and Cinema these days. If it's bad, then it's deemed a failure. If it's already good, then it can be better. Or so they would believe. It seems nothing can stop them from making an attempt at remaking a timeless classic that is already about as close to perfection as it can get. I think everyone can name at least 5-10 remakes that were complete loads of garbage compared to the original much like I can.

Now I won't lie, there have been some here and there that defied the odds and were actually a success. But that is a list and discussion for another time. For now, I want to take the time to name some that Hollywood SHOULD NOT touch. And I can't stress that enough.

These are just a handful of the movies that are perfectly good just the way they are, and they should never be suggested as an idea for a remake. Now to be clear, I'm very open to sequels or prequels that add to the lore of a film if done the correct way and would tie in with the existing story perfectly, such as the new Terminator films, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, etc.

Just to be clear, this isn't a top list and these are in no specific order. I am simply writing this in hopes that by chance this would be seen by people in Hollywood and that maybe they might take all this into consideration before they have any thoughts whatsoever about another bad remake.

1. Home Alone

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of this Christmas classic! Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, and Daniel Stern are the 3 biggest ingredients that make this movie such a hilarious family film as well as it's sequel, Lost In New York. Even after all these years, this movie has withstood the test of time and still remains a perfect family movie for the holidays.

Sadly though, they felt they could still make money after the 3rd Home Alone, which was acceptable given it was about someone else and not Kevin. But when they attempted to make a 4th about Kevin, who is played by a new child (which was clearly their first mistake), it almost destroyed the Home Alone franchise for good. They then released a 5th just a couple of years ago, but this was much like the 3rd with a new child with a new storyline. From what I understand, this offering wasn't as good as the 3rd was but was still far better than the 4th.

I seriously doubt this franchise will survive much longer if they keep trying to recreate the magic with the original trilogy. Sad end to a wonderful franchise.

2. The Lost Boys

No. Vampires do NOT sparkle. Let's just be clear on that.

To many, it would be awesome to be a vampire. To everyone else, it would be a curse. This particular vampire film captured both viewpoints in the best way possible. As sadistic and maniacal as that sounds, the ideas of near invulnerability and incredible strength and agility fascinated many while the fear of never going in the sun and feeding off innocent people terrified the rest.

The Lost Boys paved the way for movies like 30 Days of Night, Queen of the Damned, and can even be part of the inspiration behind the Twilight Saga. It eventually went on to successfully make 2 sequels for this generation of vampire movie lovers and was never remade.

Take notes Hollywood.

3. Braveheart

Taking it's place in this list as the only epic war/biopic is none other than one of Mel Gibson's finest acting performances, Braveheart. Simply because, not only can it not be mirrored, but also for the fact that it's one of a kind. From what I know, it is probably the only movie that was ever made about William Wallace in American cinema history. Anyone who has ever seen it already knows that there is no need for another.

Gibson's portrayal of the Scottish war hero and legend captures everything that made William Wallace so heroic in his fight for freedom against Britain. From his marriage all the way to his death, there isn't a moment in this film that isn't emotionally charged thanks to the brilliant work by Gibson and his co-stars.

As everyone knows, they make countless movies about various wars and historical events. Braveheart truly is the unforgettable film that stands as proof that you only need one amazing film instead of many overrated films.

4. The Breakfast Club

Never has there been, nor will there ever be another movie like The Breakfast Club. People can go on about how they find movies that reflect high school so well, but none will be as close to real life than this.

I'm going to refrain from going into detail about this, because this is a movie that would take a whole article in itself to truly understand how much it reflects teenage life. Thus is an undertaking for another time.

This movie can never be remade even with the best actors of today's generation. It is nothing without the teamwork and chemistry of Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, and Ally Sheed.

5. Alien

Probably the first time that Science Fiction and Horror made a successful merge. You don't get to 'cult following' status unless you do something right. And it is well known that Alien did that very thing.

Now it is somewhat obvious they won't reboot the original, given that even today they're still adding on to the story. Alien: Paradise Lost (Prometheus 2) and Alien 5 have already been confirmed. But given Hollywood's track record, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they came out one day and just said: "Why not? Let's reboot the original so we can fit it in our new projects!"

That would not surprise me in the slightest. So for caution's sake, I'll just keep it included.

6. Back To The Future

Even though the biggest part of the plot is time traveling, I DO NOT want to see a brand new Back to the Future film, unless it's somehow a sequel. Which even then is very unlikely.

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd have too much chemistry together to reenact, even with perfect impersonators. Not to mention they would more than likely use something other than a DeLorean, which is completely insane. No.

All in all, this sci-fi/fantasy classic just can't ever be changed. There isn't enough CGI and special effects to even come close to replicating this timeless masterpiece that will never be lost in time.

7. The Godfather

This is one of those movies that EVERYONE should have expected to be mentioned here. The Godfather lies at the pinnacle of movies about the Mafia, and the characters were completely fictitious.

The thing about Mafia films, is that there is always a story to tell given the fact that there were so many iconic, ruthless and well respected members of the mob as well as gangsters. Those names include Lucky Luciano, Bugsy Siegel, Meyer Lansky, Al Capone, just to name a few. There are many movies that exist telling the tales of those that took the brass ring by force and achieved the 'American Dream' the hard way.

This tale by Mario Puzo, although fictional, cannot be replicated. Marlon Brando's performance as well as Al Pacino's acting debut and Robert Duvall's supporting role are what defined this movie and brought a New York Times Bestseller to one of the most legendary, unforgettable films in American cinema history.

8. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

There are obvious reasons why this shouldn't be redone. If there is anything that shouldn't get a makeover, it's music and dancing. Although as silly and outrageous as this movie is, it's still a classic comedy musical that shouldn't be touched by Hollywood.

Odds are, if they attempt to reboot this, they would take the hip hop/rap road that is today's so called music. I'm not by any means bashing, it's just that not everyone enjoys the music of today. And the same goes with dancing. The choreography of this movie is just fine the way it is, and it doesn't need any sort of reconfiguring.

Add to all that, the fact that Tim Curry is too one of a kind that he can't in any way shape or form be replaced. He just can't.

9. GoodFellas

"As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster. To me, being a gangster was better than being President of the United States."
-Henry Hill, played by Ray Liotta

Martin Scorsese hit the bullseye with this riveting violent true story about Henry Hill. The rise from small time labor hand to respected associate and his turn to being an FBI informant is captured in it's entirety in GoodFellas. It is this very movie that made way for Scorsese to create Casino, The Departed, Boardwalk Empire and many more. (All of which are more that shouldn't be remade)

Receiving praise for his portrayal by Hill himself, Ray Liotta took lead in this accurate biopic of the mobster turned informant who was backed by Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in one of their most iconic movies of their respected careers.

Those are three names that should be more than enough to convince anyone that GoodFellas can't be redone.

10. Dirty Harry

This Crime Thriller that spanned five movies focused on the same character throughout, played by The Man. Dirty Harry Callahan set the standard for modern badass detectives in cinema. Take any movie that's made about a tough guy cop that's going against the worst kind of criminals, then 8 times out of 10 the comparison is made to this Clint Eastwood classic.

As usual, the actor involved in this movie can't be replaced. Clint Eastwood is one of a kind. And his work is impossible to live up to. Pure and simple. There isn't really anything else that can be said. crazy as it sounds...there is a slight possibility that this could indeed be remade.

Now before anyone goes off criticizing me, take a look at the photo below...

On the left is obviously Clint Eastwood...on the his son Scott. Thus is why I said slight possibility. I'll just leave that there...

Robin Williams' Movies

I think I speak for everyone here when I say that this wonderful man deserves more than any other to be here. The late Robin Williams was truly one of a kind. Whether it was a box office disappointment or a blockbuster, he gave every performance his all and his work could never be repeated by anyone. His career stands as a testimony to just how one of a kind he really was.

From being a goofy alien to becoming the most beloved nanny to reinventing the Peter Pan story, there was nothing he couldn't do. No matter the role, he made it his own and it should stay his own for the rest of humanity's existence. To attempt to recapture the magic that he brought into everyone's lives through someone else would be disrespectful to his memory.

Through sickness that he kept hidden away, he made everyone else smile even when he couldn't. For people who suffer from the very real disease that is depression, they know more than anyone that it isn't something easy to bear. And this wonderful man lived with his illness for over 50 years, which is far beyond what most people can bear. Just as the word itself lies within his name, he had possibly the strongest will that anyone could ever be given.

There aren't enough words to really describe what Robin Williams did for people, not just the movie business. It is my fondest hope that his work remain untouched for the sake of the memories that he's given everyone so that they wouldn't feel as he did behind closed doors. Even from the bottom of our hearts, we can never thank him enough for it.

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