ByDaood Naveed, writer at
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The Avengers was the sixth instalment of the much loved Marvel Cinematic Universe, after four years worth of films setting up this one, audiences received an Avengers film never seen before on the big screen. We had the liberty to see characters we knew again and a line-up most were familiar with. The film follows a story arch in which Thor’s brother, Loki, plans to enslave mankind with the help of an alien army, due to this, The Avengers are assembled and with all their different skills, they manage to save the world from a terrible threat. Although audiences don’t see the Avengers in full action up until the last part of the film, there is a great build up full of background stories humour and action.Also the inner conflict within the team just boosts the film even more.However, I did feel there was some pacing issues. It is by far one of the best in the cinematic universe.


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