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When it comes to infuriating your friends, creativity measures parallel to how much frustration they'll eventually experience. While relationship-destroying games like the Mario Kart series have become staples amongst game night tradition, Super Mario Maker takes it to a whole new level, allowing players to upload their levels in order to frustrate players from all over the world.

The game is pretty simple to figure out, and will reward you daily with new pieces to add to your levels, leading to a light addiction (if you're the type to get hooked like I am) to a game that has few limits as players earn more items to add to their courses. By now, most people understand the basics of the game, and already players are combating for high ranks and worldwide recognition, signaling yet another addition to Nintendo's competition-worthy roster of video games.

But what makes Super Mario Maker stand out, I've discovered, is the fun of a collaborative effort. Here at Moviepilot's LA HQ, our team banded together to create obstacles, pitfalls and traps to combine into a massive level. The sheer fun of figuring things out together and building a huge map -- a playroom version of collaborative game development (I say that as positively as possible, because it is, certainly, tons of fun) that families, friends and coworkers can bond over. As one of the most socially anxious people I know, it was easy to get together with my coworkers and really think about building a level with our combined visions.

This is what Nintendo excels at in a way no other developer can: bringing a group of people together in one room in a way that many haven't experienced for nearly a decade. Super Mario Maker is more than wholesome family fun: it's the adolescent after-school hours spent screaming at your friends over a split-screen video game brought to life in a new, innovative way that involves you in every aspect of the game.

The result of all that, of course, is our very own Super Mario Maker level, which you can try out now!

Enter our code to generate the level:


Now all that's left is for you to figure out the maddening puzzles, dodge pyramids of enemies, and get through one heck of a firestorm. As Mario Mario might say -- Let's-a go!


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