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Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.
Emily Van Natter

"Dean! Wait up!" Sam called as he ran after his brother. Dean didn't slow down and instead ran faster through the woods. Sam sighed heavily and just pushed himself to run faster. Their dad was away who knew where. And Dean had found some signs of a witch in the area, kidnapping kids that were never seen from again.

Hence why they were currently hot on a trail of the witch and running through the woods. Dean hadn't wanted to take Sam. If anything happened... His dad would kill him. Potentially literally. But Sam had insisted. 'Dean wasn't going. Not without backup.'

Dean held up a hand, stopping Sam right before he ran into his brothers back. Sam slowed to a stop and peered around his older brothers shoulder to look at the small cabin they had stumbled upon. Dean was 85% sure the witch was inside.

He slowly walked foreward, making sure he stayed in front of Sam as he opened the door and slowly walked in. No sooner had they both stepped foot inside the house, they were both flung acrossed the room and pinned to the wall. The witch cackled as she stepped into the light. Regarding both of them with a smirk. "Winchesters?" she asked. But her smile suggested she already knew the answer. "Well. This should be interesting." Dean turned his head to look over at Sam. Whose panicked eyes never left the witches face. "It's okay Sammy." Dean said softly as he somehow managed to move his hand over and lightly rub his brothers fingers.

The witch grinned as she turned and quickly made a hex bag, her eyes glowing gold as she waved her hand about before she was finally satisfyed. "Well little dearies. It's been fun." She said, coming closer to them. "Speak for yourself." Dean said sarcastically. She only smirked as she placed a hex bag in each of the boys' pockets. "What are these?" Dean asks, looking down at his pocket. She just smirked and disappeared.

Dean and Sam both fell from the wall and Dean was instantly at Sam's side. "Sammy?" he asked softly. "I'm okay." Sam said quickly, holding onto his brother for support as they both stood. But they quickly realized they weren't in the house anymore.

Dean looked around, quickly stepping protectavly in front of Sam. Sam looked around with wide eyes, taking in the room around them before his eyes fall on two men on the other side of the room. "Dean." he said softly, tugging on his brothers jacket. Dean turned quickly and stepped between Sam and the two men.

The men didn't seem to see or hear them and seemed to be in the midst of a heated argument. "No. No way." the shorter of the two was saying. "Yes. Come on man. You know you need help." The taller man was saying. The shorter was shaking his head. A scowl on his face. The taller was sighing heavily before he glanced over and did a double take as he saw the two boys. "Dean." he said, nudging the shorter man with his hand. The man, Dean, turned quickly and stood side by side with the taller man. Both of them had the same expression of disbelief.

"Where are we?" Dean asked. His hand extended to keep Sam behind him. The two men were silent for several seconds before the taller one finally spoke. "Uh. The bunker. Our... Bunker.... How did you get here?"

Dean shrugged. "Witch." he said simply before glancing around. "Nice place. Seems kinda like a batcave." The taller man shared a look with the shorter one before looking back at the two children. "Yeah. It kinda is... Uh... We gotta tell you guys something."

"You're what!?" Dean yelled. Looking between the older men with disbelief. "We're you. Just... Older." The taller man, who was apparently Sam, said. Dean shook his head. "Nope. Gonna have to do better then just saying that. I need proof."

The apparently older Dean sighed heavily before saying, "look. I'm you. How old are you now? 18?" Dean nodded. Looking at him skeptically. "Last year in November you broke your arm but didn't tell Dad. You just broke up with a girl... Kelly? I think was her name? When you were 5 you accidentally dropped Sam when you were feeding him. We're pretty sure that's why he has brain damage." Both of the Sam's gave each of their Dean's a look. "Your favorite color is yellow. Because of moms hair." Older Dean continued. "And you got that bruise on your arm," he points at younger Deans right arm. "From dad. He was drunk last night."

Younger Dean felt his mouth drop open as he stated as his older self before quickly recovering and crossing his arms across his chest. "So you're me?" he asked. "Basically." Dean replied.

"Cool." Younger Sammy said. Grinning at his older self. And older Sam smiled back despite himself. This was so weird.

A few hours later, Dean and, well, Dean, were both sitting on the couch, sharing a beer. Sam and... Sam.... Were both researching. And having fun with it it seemed. Younger Dean smiled as he watched his brothers eyes light up as Older Sam showed, well, himself, around his laptops and showed him the many books in the library.

"Look at this Dean!" Sammy said, running over to his 18 year old brother. His face glowing with excitement as he showed Dean his latest find. Dean smiled and nodded. "That's cool Sammy." he said with a smile before ruffling his 13 year old brothers hair.

Sammy grinned and ran back over to Sam who was also smiling. Looking the happiest he had since they had seen him. Dean ventured a glance at his older self as he leaned back, taking a sip of his beer. "What's up with you?" he asked. "What do you mean?" Older Dean asked. Surprising Dean again by how deep his voice was going to get. "You're grumpy. What has old age done to us?" He asked with a small smirk. "You don't wanna know." older Dean said, shaking his head as he looked down. One of his hands absently scratching his arm.

Dean looked at himself with surprise before looking back at Sam and older Sam. "What's up with you and Sammy?" he asked softly. Dreading the answer. "Stuff. We do things he doesn't like. He gets mad. Bails. We get mad. We bail. And it just keeps going." Older Dean says coldly. Almost emotionless. Younger Dean shook his head. "No. No way would that happen to Sammy and I. We're brothers." he insisted. "Keep telling yourself that." Older Dean mumbled as he finished his beer.

Dean looked at his older self with surprise before standing and going over to older Sam. "Hey. Can I talk to you?" he asked. "Alone?" Older Sam frowned before nodding. "Sure." He gave Sam some instructions on what to do next before leading Dean down a hall. "What's up?" Sam asked. Looking down at him. "You apparently." Dean teased. Making Sam laugh. He had missed this Dean. "You're so freakin tall man." Dean said as he nudged his brother. This should probably be awkward, but they were surprisingly comfortable with it. "Yeah. And you're short." Sam teased right back.

Dean smiled again before becoming serious. "This is really meta. But I just want you to know. What ever crap I've done to you. I'm so sorry Sammy." Sam swallowed a lump in his thoat at his statement before nodding. "Thanks Dean. Only the problem is... I don't think _you_ are." Dean nodded slowly before looking over at his older self who had gone over to Sammy. They were both laughing at whatever funny thing they had both red.

"I haven't seen him, you, that happy in years." Sam said softly. "Great." Dean mumbled. Suddenly feeling like a giant weight was placed on his shoulders. What had happened to make him act like that?

A few more hours later, they finally worked up a spell to send them back. Sam, both of them, were sad to see them go. But they needed to. The only downside to the spell was that neither of the younger set of brothers would remember this. But that was how it had to be. "See ya around Sammy." Younger Dean said with a smirk as he mock saluted his older brother. "Bye Dee." Younger Sammy said as he launched himself at his even older brother. Hugging him tight. Deans face lit up and he hugged him back. "Take care of yourself Sammy." He said with a small smile.

After the goodbyes. It took only seconds for the spell to take effect and for the younger Winchester brothers to disappear, returned to the cabin in the woods. Which was now witch free.

Now alone. The two older brothers awkwardly turned to face each other. Sam opened his mouth to say something, but Dean cut him off. "I need a drink." he mumbled as he pushed past Sam. Sam sighed heavily and ran a hand through his hair. What had happened to them?

"Sammy?" Dean asked softly as he stopped walking away and turned back to his brother. "Yeah Dean?" Sam asked just as softly. Dean hesitated for several seconds before saying, "I love you. You know that right?" He asked. Looking into Sams eyes. "Yeah Dean. I love you too." Sam said. Suddenly finding himslef chocked up. Dean nodded before turning and walking down the hall got he kitchen. Sam let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding and ran a shaky hand through his hair.

"Love you Dee." Sammy mumbled sleepily at his brother as Dean tucked him in. They had just gotten back from the woods and it was dark. "Love you too Sammy." Dean said with a smirk before crawling into bed with his brother. Spooning him from behind. Sam snuggled into Dean's chest and fell asleep instantly. "Night Sammy." Dean said softly. Kissing his brothers forehead. "Night Dean."


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