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I have always wanted to be in a Tim Burton film and don the odd, funky, twisted clothing that seems to be specifically Burton's style.

I love how beautiful and how strange they are, riding a strange line as something that is appealing yet off-putting. I'm all about a ravishing outfit with some intense juxtaposition.

Super talented Guillermo Meraz showcased his talents by creating an entire clothing line based off some of our favorite characters from Burtons numerous films. I have to admit, I am down to wear ever single outfit.

1. So Scissor Hands-ome

Character: Edward Scissorhands

Film: Edward Scissorhands

2. Beetle Juicy Couture

Character: Beetlejuice

Film: Beetlejuice

3. This Ensemble Is Anything but Wonka

Character: Willy Wonka

Film: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

4. Mad for This Mad Hatter Outfit

Character: The Mad Hatter

Film: Alice in Wonderland

5. She's Such a Doll

Character: Sally

Film: The Nightmare Before Christmas

6. A Haunting Bride

Character: Corpse Bride

Film: Corpse Bride

7. Très Skellington Chic

Character: Jack Skellington

Film: The Nightmare Before Christmas

My jaw is on the floor; I can't express how badly I want these outfits.

And no, I won't wear them only on Halloween. These are definitely everyday outfits I will flaunt around in on any given Wednesday.

(Source: GeekTyrant)


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