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Hey guys! This post features day 2 of my [#5 Day Recommendation Challenge](tag:3555492) participation (find details on the challenge at the bottom of this post). Today's challenge is to "Recommend a Cult Movie", and although theres a huge amount of cult movies that are close to my heart, the one I'd like to talk about today is...

Westworld (1973)

Westworld is a story that tells a familiar tale of how 'playing God' can often have disastrous consequences. The story follows two men who have both booked a holiday at a resort called Westworld, which offers visitors the chance to live out their wildest desires - from sexual desires to killing your enemies. How can a resort offer this level of indulgence? The answer is simple - Westworld is populated with androids programmed to act within the wild west.

The reason I mentioned that this concept may be familiar is because the movie had a huge influence on many filmmakers at the time. Most notably, the movie is an influence on James Cameron's The Terminator and shares clear similarities with Jurassic Park, which was also written by Westworld's writer/director Michael Crichton.

In a way, Yul Brynner was the very first incarnation of the Terminator. That being said, I believe knowing more than this before going into the movie could spoil a few surprises in a movie that focuses on the adult Disneyland from Hell.

Along with the intensity, innovation and practical effects that make Westworld a must-see, we've recently been given another great reason to revisit the sci-fi horror. In 2016, a HBO TV series of the same story will hit the small screen.

In typical HBO fashion, this show is being brought to life by huge talents and was adapted by Jonathan Nolan, Christopher's brother and writing partner on movies such as The Dark Knight and Interstellar. The series won't be a complete re-make though, and will give a fresh perspective on the 70s sci-fi. So, with that in mind, there hasn't been a better time since 1973 to watch one of my favorite sci-fi movies, Westworld.

Note: There is also a sequel, Futureworld, which also has some really interesting visuals!

If you'd like to take part in the 5 Day Recommendation Challenge, heres what to do:

5 Day Recommendation Challenge:

  • Day 1: Recommend a 90s Comedy (TV or Movie)
  • Day 2: Recommend a Cult Movie
  • Day 3: Recommend a TV Series That Ended Before its Time
  • Day 4: Recommend a Movie That Got Critically Panned
  • Day 5: Recommend a Comic Book Movie (that isn't Marvel or DC!)

Post your recommendation and why, and then tag 5 members of the Moviepilot community each time you post a recommendation! If you've got any questions, let me know in the comments or contact me at [email protected]

Relevant tag: [#5 Day Recommendation Challenge](tag:3555492)


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