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I'm a film lover who's obsessed with horror films, as well as a new wife! Twitter: @yogilove13. YouTube: smsworld14 and hauntingonsw.

I love horror shorts. Sometimes they're even better than feature-lengths films. They get right to the point and terrify you very quickly. I watch them all the time, so I thought I'd make a list of my favorite ones from 2014. Feel free to tell me any I should watch or that should've been included!

1. Perspective (2014) by CinematicAction (Award-Winning)

This short film is one of the most interesting and mind-bending I’ve ever seen. It shows how much your perspective can influence what see, think, and believe. The guy in the film appears to be experiencing a ghostly event, until we’re shown what’s causing everything. Once you see it, you realize it’s a cycle – cause and effect. Perspective is definitely deserving of its award!

2. I Heard That Too (2014) by 2SentenceHorror

Based on a Reddit two-sentence horror story, I Heard That Too is rather chilling. The story is that a little girl hears her mother call her name. When she goes to see what her mother wants, her mom grabs her and pulls her into a room in the hallway, saying she heard the voice too. We then see who it is downstairs, who called her name.

At first, when I read that it was based on just two sentences, I was skeptical, as it didn’t sound very scary. But when I watched it, I realized that less is often more (hence why I often watch short horror films more than feature-length ones).

3. Your Bed Is the Safest Place to Be…Right? (2014) by Johnny Catastrophe

There isn’t an official name for this one, so I used the caption for the film as the title. This film is based on another two-sentence horror story on Reddit, although the film itself isn’t two sentences this time. A mother reads he daughter a bedtime story and says goodnight to her, after which she hears her daughter scream. Her daughter asks her to check under the bed for monsters, but what she finds is shocking and terrifying.

I thought this one was genius. Definitely gave me the creeps.

4. Charlie (2014) by MorduePictures

A little longer than the others on this list, Charlie centers on a young man who realizes someone is in his house, and he can’t escape. The masked figure is there wherever he goes, even on the other line when he calls for help.

A masked figure stalking someone in the victim’s own house is always scary. He couldn’t escape no matter where he went in the house. What makes this even better is that they had a budget of only £10. It just goes to show that you don’t need a ton of money to make a great film.

5. Skypemare (2014) by whereistherockhammer

On Halloween night, Alison is home alone skyping with her best friend Jenna, when she notices someone in the background in Jenna’s apartment, who attacks her. Alison is unable to help and must watch in terror as the attack ensues. But what happens next is even more horrifying.

Skypemare stars Cerina Vincent as Alison and Annika Marks as Jenna. Vincent has starred in feature films such as Cabin Fever (2002), Return to House on Haunted Hill (2007), and Not Another Teen Movie (2001). She was also Maya the Yellow Galaxy Ranger in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1999).

So there you have it, my favorite 2014 horror shorts! Any others you feel should have made it onto the list?


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