ByJaime Lynn Spieldenner, writer at

It started in 6th grade. I remembered going to school my first day. A kid came up to me and asked me if I had an accident the past summer, and I said yes I did. It was the talk of the school. It didn't help me much socially, because I took Special Ed. The teacher's i've had didn't understand me either, because when there came a time where there was a situation that they didn't want to deal with, I was sent to the guidance counselor's office. She happened to be the homeroom teacher I had in 3rd grade. It came to a point where she don't get me either. The thing is, I was diagnosed with a medical condition called Hypothyroidism at 3 months old. It's one of those kind where its invisible by appearance, so I was called a liar many times. I was accused of trying too hard, being special or gifted, probably because I was getting too much academic attention. Too much tutoring. I had a learning disability also. I had troubles with math mostly. I made only 3 friends growing up. The friends I thought I had , stuck with their cliches. Some guy in the 8 th grade and in study hall, wrote me a nasty letter saying really mean stuff and I remember seeing the word 'retard' written many times in there. I didn't tell a soul about it or even to my parents, just to avoid getting beat up. Plus , my father wouldn't be able to handle it well either. He's a Viet Nam Vet from the Marines and ended up getting PTSD pretty bad. (Post -Traumatic Stress Syndrome) ...For a long time, he thought I caught this disease because he was in the service, and the fact I had troubles making descent friends or capable of doing day to day things, drive a car, to work, etc. We found out it wasn't his fault after all. It's nobody's fault. It just happens. So, that's why I kept it quiet over the years. In high school, I was also made fun of too. I almost forgot to say I also took speech classes for 10 years and yes I was picked on over that too. Did I mention, my special Ed teachers pulled me by the ear at times and one asked me if I were stupid? The high school one did in my 9 the grade year. The worst times were at the high school games I went to. I went mostly because I got easily bored at home just sitting around moping. Dancing is my life, and I took tap and jazz my senior year. Most of my life , I taught myself some moves. At the games, there were some girls trying to belittle me, pretended to be friends with me and such, humiliated me in public and wanted me to dance for them. I did that just to shut them up, but it didn't do no good. I ended up being asked to sit with people on the opponent side, and yes I was called a 'traitor' many times. I wouldn't have to, if I were treated fairly. I have 3 brothers and 2 of them pretty much have a whole lot of other friends and have more opportunities. I would be in my teens to my early 20's sitting at home watching the world go by and seeing them going places. I didn't get a car til I were 25, and rode my bicycle up and downtown alot. I went to a Vocational School my junior and senior years. I had lots of good times and some bad. I loved the classes I took and yes I made some friends there. The worst part is, riding the bus! There was a girl that really bullied me! She tripped me on the bus, called me names, and even pushed me on the ground in front of a funeral home! Well, I made it through hell, I graduated 8th and 12th, I drive my second car, I'm married, and I still take dance! Oh yes, I made more friends also! People better be careful who they doubt others of their capabilities, because..what if karma gets back to them someday?



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