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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

So I have been nominated by the always intriguing Julian Gerdes for this weeks 5 Day Movie Recommendation Challenge! Today's first topic is a 90s comedy that you would recommend to everyone and oddly enough, that is my forte. I grew up watching all the great 90s comedies and there are so many that I want to talk about but I'll stick to the one that I literally know every..single..word that is said throughout the film.

Dumb and Dumber (1994)

When I say that I knew every word to this movie I am not joking. I used to put my VHS tape on the TV and recite every word that is uttered between Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels.

The plot is relatively simple, a below average IQ limo Driver (Carrey) falls in love with one of him customers as he drives her to the airport. As he watches her walk out of his life, he notices she left a briefcase behind so he runs and attempts to return the briefcase to the love of his life. Ultimately he fails which sparks a cross country journey between him and his best friend Harry (Daniels).

This film literally has something for everyone. It is just an extremely fun film to watch and It still holds up today. I can honestly say that even today I am left in tears of laughter because of the complete idiocy yet incredibly intelligent humor from Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. I highly recommend it but I suggest you prepare for stitches, as it is side splitting fun.


Will you check out Dumb and Dumber?

Make sure to tag 5 Moviepilot community members so we can keep this train moving! I nominate Adonis, Julian, Dana, Fred and Ashraf!

Make sure to post your recommendation and why!

5 Day Recommendation Challenge:

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Day 2: Recommend a Cult Movie

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Day 4: Recommend a Movie That Got Critically Panned

Day 5: Recommend a Comic Book Movie (that isn't Marvel or DC!)

Can't wait to check everyones out!


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