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A lot is coming this fall and yeah soon. Let's start with Teen Wolf, a lot of pictures will be in this post.

Season 5B will air in January. Rumored January 11.

"True" Alpha Scott McCall is a changed person. He will be more mature in 5B starting a new/old pack. He wants loyal people in his pack and rebuild the most of his old pack. Maybe older than u think. Isaac and Jackson are rumored to come back. It will be less dark, still dark. But more action, a clash of titan way.

Malia is coming back with a lot of action, but she won't be in Scott's pack in episode 11. Malia might even trust Theo. She and Braeden will have a big role in episode 11, Also in Episode 14 We will see a lot of Malia action.

Stiles isn't this funny guy anymore? But in season 5B he will have a lot of drama and comedy going on. He and Scott will fight for Stilinski's life in episode 11. Stiles and Scott will rebuild their releationship. Maybe stronger than ever. They will talk a lot. It won't be from episode 11 or 12. But they will get back to where they came from. Also Stiles and Malia broke up? WTF? When did we see that? Jeff hinted. Maybe not all true.

New/Old pack? Old enough for the fans? Isaac might return. Jeff wants to rebuild Isaac, like how he was in season 2 and 3A. Isaac might be the one that the fans want and make them happy to watch Teen Wolf again.

Also Jackson is rumored to come back for season 5B. Jeff said to TV The News "We have 2 Scripts, 1 With Jackson in it and 1 Without him, we we'll see" Then again Colton Haynes said "I'm working on 2 Projects now" He said he finished filming a sad movie and something on TV (Arrow), But 1 of the 2 Projects is probably Teen Wolf, he recently walked in on set.

Poor Liam, almost killing his Alpha, losing his girlfriend... Sad moment, but not going to far. Liam will fight for Hayden when he gets to know that she's still alive. Scott will fight for Liam, but will Liam fight back? (Not fighting like in episode 10) I mean fighting for them to get back together. But is Scott really doing that? Jeff said to TV The News "Scott might fight for Liam, but Liam won't fight back. Or maybe not? Maybe Scott thinks he isn't loyal enough? And he shows to Scott he is? We can't say, maybe it's different".

Having Red eyes and Orange eyes? WTF? It's cool. Hellhound? Awesome. We don't know what will happen, but he plays a huge role. Jeff said to TV The news "Parrish will have a big role, what will happen? A lot. Will he die? Will he survive? I can't say. But he will be 1 of the guys Scott might even trust, maybe not, we'll see".

Derek? We might see him in episode 13, we don't know more.

We know she will return in episode 12 and have a big role in episode 13 and probably return to Beacon Hills in episode 14, and have a big role again in episode 16.

Lydia? We know she will be in Eichen House and hallucionate. Allison, Aiden and her grandma are linked to the hallucionating part. She is rumored to be in Eichen House from episode 11 to the beginning or end of Episode 14.

Corey and Mason don't have big roles, like the others, but love will be showed between the 2.

What about Brett? We will see him again! Brett is loyal and might move to Beacon Hills and join Scott's pack. Cody Saintgnue hinted "It's very possible".

What is Hayden? We will find out in episode 11 or 12. Drama will happen around her.

Theo will still be Badass and do some bad things. Probably even kill someone.

Can he be saved? Jeff said to TV The news "Can Theo be saved? Or is he going to end up in Eichen House? Or Die? Or Run?" (Also he is rumored to be in episode 13,14,19 & 20 of PLL)

Is that La Bete? The Succes? We will see in episode 11.

Moving on to...


Green Arrow, Black Driver, Black Canary, Speedy, The A.T.O.M., Arsenal, Constantine, Felicity, Mr. terrific & more (Maybe Hal Jordan)

They will face their biggest enemy yet.

Arrow will air soon. Also Season 5 was already confirmed by Stephen Amell, he said in an interview, "We are now on season 5 (Oh shit) i mean on 4, i might have given it away already". But their are supposed to be 7 Seasons of Arrow, Season 5 and 6 will be about 1 Villain only and flashback in 2 Seasons of 1 year. Season 7 will be about him without flashbacks. And then they might end or go on. We don't know yet.

The Originals

It will be bloody!!! And Daniel Sharman might return, but not as Kol? He might end up in the TVD, He might be his own character and be a badass vampire? Or sweet vampire? We don't know. But they want him on the originals for 2 or 3 episodes to tell the story how he changed back but in a vampire and not into Kol and then move him to TVD and have a spin off after 1 Season on TVD. It might be sweet. Who knows?


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