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Its fall again and you know what that means Gotham is back! Last season the world was introduced to Gotham a new show on Fox that tells the story of Jim Gordon before he became commissioner along with the origin stories of some well-known Batman villains such as Edward Ngyma, Selina Kyle, Oswald Cobblepot and of course the Joker.

Now season two will be all about the rise of the villains, so expect to see more character development with our beloved villains as well as diving in into Jim and Bruce’s path into becoming commissioner and Batman. The season kicks off with Jim Gordon getting fired by the commissioner Loeb to which Jim reminds the him that he will break him. Meanwhile Oswald is getting used to being the new king of Gotham, however not everyone likes and an underboss actually owes him a debt. Jim asks a favor from Oswald in turn Jim must help out the penguin.

Jim is indecisive about the favor Oswald ask of him and does not want to stain his sense of justice. Meanwhile at Wayne Manor, Bruce is still trying to uncover his fathers secrets and tries to open a steel door that requires a password. After smashing the pinpad, Bruce decided to build a bomb instead. Bruce along with Alfred’s help get the door open.

Back to Jim Gordon, he decides to help Cobblepot with his dilemma. Jim approaches the underboss who owes Oswald money who then points a gun at Jim’s head. Jim disarms him while knocking out two of his money, takes the money and runs. A police chase ensues and Jim eventually kills the guy. Bringing the money to Oswald,Gordon feels as if he had been set up but Oswald keeps his word and upholds his end of the deal. Oswald scares Loeb into retiring making Sarah the new commissioner and Gordon gets his job back.

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