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I was nominated by Samuel James Harries to take the 5 Day Recommendation Challenge! While I typically only write about horror (and I'm kind of getting anxiety switching it up right now), I think this challenge will be a nice change of pace where I can branch out...even if it's just a little. Seriously. This is the only movie that won't be horror-related.

Day 1: choose a 90's comedy. This one was pretty easy for me. I'm made fun of constantly for it, but my favorite comedy of the 90's is most definitely Big Daddy.

As he proceeds to jump in front of a car...
As he proceeds to jump in front of a car...

I saw it for the first time very recently, actually. I was flipping through the channels, and it just happened to be on E! at the time. I left it on and said "hey, why the heck not? I've heard about it, but I've never seen it."

Well, I was texting EVERYONE quoting this movie for the next few days, and now every time it's on, I can't get enough of it!

Big Daddy is the story of Sonny (Adam Sandler), a lazy lawyer who's girlfriend leaves him for not taking on enough responsibility. In order to prove her wrong, he pretends to be his best friend, who is away in China on business when he gets word that he's the father of a little boy, Julian.

Julian is dropped off, and Sonny decides to "adopt" him, but how long will it be before someone finds out that he's not really Julian's father?

Ah, a kid after my own heart.
Ah, a kid after my own heart.

It's the perfect film if you feel like you need a good laugh or a good cry (let's just talk about the Kangaroo Song or the scene where Julian may be taken away from Sonny...I dare you not to have so many feels about it). This film reminds me that no matter what you do, no matter how lazy or how inspired you are, you're someone's perfect match...even if that means letting them teach you how to pee on walls, or you need to dress up as Scuba Steve to make them feel good about themselves.

Hi Julian! I'm Scuba Steve!
Hi Julian! I'm Scuba Steve!

I have absolutely no shame that this was the film I chose for my first recommendation. I'm not even going to entertain negative comments, because this is moving its way up my list as one of my's the perfect balance of feel-good and silly. I love it!

If you've been nominated for the tag, here's how it goes:

Day 1: Recommend a 90s Comedy (TV or Movie)

Day 2: Recommend a Cult Movie

Day 3: Recommend a TV Series That Ended Before its Time

Day 4: Recommend a Movie That Got Critically Panned

Day 5: Recommend a Comic Book Movie (that isn't Marvel or DC!)


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