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I've been writing for over 2 years now and you know what I love to write about? You guessed it right! The DC Extended/Cinematic Universe.

The much anticipated Bond movie is set to be released in November, but why do you need to look forward to it?

The iconic British superspy started off with Daniel Craig as Bond in 2005’s Casino Royale which had fans jump off from their seats, the movie was absolutely brilliant for the franchise. Years past and then came Quantum of Solace which hit the actor’s would-be legacy as Bond a rough patch. Finally came Skyfall which did not only perform extremely well and earned the actor’s respect back, and also secured two Oscar awards.

We all saw that in Skyfall Bond had a rather tragic childhood and since then he had less connectivity to his emotions, but in Spectre we are most likely to see Bond coping with the losses he suffered in his last outing i.e. Skyfall. The movie will also center on the death of a major role in the series.

The last nine years may have established Daniel Craig as one of the greatest actors to take on the role of James Bond, but if recent comments from the actor are to be believed, then we may soon see the end of his terrific run after Spectre. Craig’s comments on the matter:

“At this moment no. I have a life and I’ve got to get on with it a bit. But we’ll see”

If however, Spectre does wind up being the last Daniel Craig Bond performance, it will be interesting to see whether or not it winds up balancing the scales, or firmly establishes the star as one of the best actors to ever take on the part.

And yes, this might also be the time when we listen, the name’s Bond, James Bond, last time from the enthusiastic actor.

Here's a trailer for you to watch in case you haven't watched it already!


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