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Being a part of the Harry Potter fandom simply makes my heart soar. From making new friends waiting in the midnight lines for the books to come out to reading kind comments here on Moviepilot, it would appear that the Harry Potter series taught its readers to work towards a kinder world.

This notion was only furthered after finding out that Harry Potter readers everywhere are leaving messages of kindness and encouragement for future generations of fans with the hashtag started by Mugglenet.

Tagging their favorite chapters, lines, or just where they think it matters, these notes talk about what reading Harry Potter meant to them and reminds the next reader to truly savor the journey J.K. Rowling created for us.

Try reading through these 15 notes without feeling nostalgic for the first, second, or fifteenth time you read through the Harry Potter books:

1. "Harry, Ron, Hermione and Hogwarts were my best friends growing up."

2. "Never forget that you are amazing."

3. "Harry Potter let me have adventures."

4. "I hope it's as special for you as it was, and still is, for me."

5. "We all have the power to defeat Dementors"

6. "You are never alone."

7. "Let this book bring so much magic into your life that you lose touch with reality."

8. "The magic lies within you."

9. "Harry Potter makes me feel like I belong."

10. "These books have become so important in my life."

11. "These books made me who I am today."

12. "This book probably saved my life."

13. "I hope you find a home away from home within these pages."

14. "Let the world of Harry Potter put a smile on your face when all you want to do is cry."

15. "Harry Potter filled my life with magic."

Are you planning on taking part in ? If so, what do you want future generations of Harry Potter fans to know beforehand or take away from the series? What does Harry Potter mean do you?

Let me know in the comments section or tweet us your own note to @moviepilotnews.

(Source: Twitter, Mugglenet)


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