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When actors change their physical appearance for a role, it shows true dedication. Many actors, like Christian Bale for example, are well-known for being able to change their weights quickly and drastically. However, gaining a few pounds or going on an extreme diet are not the only way to change your appearance. When given the opportunity to play a particularly hairless character, many talented actors and actresses have opted out of a bald cap, and have instead shaved their heads for the role.

1. Natalie Portman- V For Vendetta

Star Wars and Thor actress Natalie Portman surprised the world when she shed her locks to star alongside Hugo Weaving in the tyrannical drama V for Vendetta. While she keeps her hair for the better part of the first half of the film, her character Evey gets a good shave. In true dedication to the role, Portman decided to shave her own head instead of acquiring a bald cap.

2. Jeff Bridges- Iron Man

Jeff Bridges, known for his magnificent mane and his aptitude for bowling in cult comedy, The Big Lebowski, donned a shiny dome to play a villainous businessman in the MCU's first flick, Iron Man. Bridges played Obadiah Stane, the first in a long line of bald baddies for Marvel superhero films.

3. Charlize Theron- Mad Max: Fury Road

In the biggest action movie of the year, Charlize Theron rocks a buzz-cut to play Imperator Furiosa, a powerful warrior woman who does anything she needs to in order to get back to "the green place." While the movie was labeled with Max's name, Theron really stole the show, and blew minds with her thin-haired scalp and metal arm.

4. Tom Hardy- The Dark Knight Rises

Speaking of Mad Max, the leading man of the film, Tom Hardy, took quite the physical transformation to play Bane, the masked menace from The Dark Knight Rises. Aside from gaining quite a large amount of muscle for the role, he also shaved his head to make room for Bane's signature metal mask.

5. Karen Gillan- Guardians of the Galaxy

Fans were all too excited to see this Doctor Who starlet play an alien assassin in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. They were then shocked when they saw that she opted to shave her scalp to play Nebula. And with her set to play the same role in the cinematic sequel, perhaps she will do the same again.

6. Kevin Spacey- Superman Returns

While the film wasn't one of the best superhero films to grace the silver screen, it still featured Kevin Spacey, (who you may know from House of Cards and The Usual Suspects), sporting a hairless head to play Superman's signature villain, Lex Luthor. Superman Returns may have been an all-around flop, but you can't deny that Spacey is the spitting image of Luthor.

7. Sigourney Weaver- Alien 3

In the badass cinematic women hall of fame, Ellen Ripley should have her own exhibit. Sigourney Weaver had us all rooting for her in Alien and Aliens, but it wasn't until the third installment in the series that Weaver cut off her hair, taking her badassery to a whole new level.

8. Christian Bale- American Hustle

For those who thought it was possible for there to be a physical transformation list without Christian Bale on it, think again. When the Batman actor was faced with the role of the Irving Rosenfeld, a con man with a toupee, he decided to sport an actual toupee- after he took off all of his own hair, of course.

9. Demi Moore- G.I. Jane

In G.I. Jane, Ms. Moore blew us all away with her performance as Jordan O'Neill. And in true military fashion, fortune favored the bald as Moore dedicated to the role, taking off her locks to act alongside Viggo Mortensen.

10. Matt Damon- Elysium

In director Neill Blomkamp's second film, Matt Damon stars as Max, a warrior on a ruined Earth. While not everyone was a fan of the film, Damon still went the extra mile and shaved his head for the role.

11. Daniel Radcliffe- Imperium

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe recently shaved his head for his upcoming role in the 2016 film Imperium. In the film, Radcliffe plays an undercover FBI agent named Nate Foster who spies on a group of neo-nazis from the inside. Quite the turn from his iconic childhood role that everyone knows and loves.

Talented actors have dedicated themselves to iconic roles in a number of different ways; choosing to rid oneself of their hair is no small feat. You can't deny, these performances were quite extraordinary.


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