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Douglas Addams once wrote, "Time is an illusion." For these celebrities, that appears to be true. Whether it be the case of a good diet, great genetics, or an amazing doctor, these select few have managed to laugh in the face of gravity and shake their heads at the hands of time, sending the aging process into full retreat.

Some of these celebrities look better now than when they did thirty, forty, fifty years ago. We'll start from the youngest and work our way up. This way the surprise will only build more and more upon finally reaching the eldest. Then we are free to say, "No freaking way.."

Famke Janssen - Then (Age: 30)

Famke Janssen - Now (Age: 50)

Brad Pitt - Then (Age: 25-28)

Brad Pitt - Now (Age: 51)

Keanu Reeves - Then (Age: 27)

Keanu Reeves - Now (Age: 51)

Jodie Foster - Then (Age: 29)

Jodie Foster - Now (Age: 52)

John Stamos - Then (Age: 28-30)

John Stamos - Now (Age: 52)

Julianne Moore - Then (Age: 31)

Julianne Moore - Now (Age: 54)

Michelle Pfeiffer - Then (Age: 34)

Michelle Pfeiffer - Now (Age: 57)

Ellen Degeneres - Then (Age: 33-35)

Ellen Degeneres - Now (Age: 57)

Dennis Quaid - Then (Age: 35-37)

Dennis Quaid - Now (Age: 61)

John Travolta - Then (Age: 38-40)

John Travolta - Now (Age: 61)

Christie Brinkley - Then (Age: 30-35)

Christie Brinkley - Now (Age: 61)

Liam Neeson - Then (Age: 38)

Liam Neeson - Now (Age: 63)

Sigourney Weaver - Then (Age: 42)

Sigourney Weaver - Now (Age: 65)

Cher - Then (Age: 46)

Cher - Now (Age: 69)

Robert De Niro - Then (Age: 48)

Robert De Niro - Now (Age: 72)

Patrick Stewart - Then (Age: 54)

Patrick Stewart - now (Age: 75)

Ian McKellan - Then (Age: 55)

Ian McKellan - Now (Age: 76)

Jane Fonda - Then (Age: 52)

Jane Fonda - Now (Age: 77)

Robert Redford - Then (Age: 59)

Robert Redford - Now (Age: 79)

Wow, just wow. These people look amazing. If only the rest of us are so lucky to age as well as these few have. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see on that matter. Hopefully by the time the rest of us reach those ages, Science will have progressed far enough that defying age comes down to a simple formula for everyday life.

Who do you think aged the best?


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