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You may have never noticed this Easter egg that connects Charlie's Angels with E.T. 18 years later, but please give it your consideration. Let's dive right in to it, starting with Drew Barrymore, who plays Dylan Sanders in the Charlie's Angels movies.

Sanders becomes involved with the angels' client, Eric Knox, and after she spends the night at his house, she discovers that Knox tricked the angels into stealing software for him. Knox then shoots at Barrymore's character, Sanders, and misses her shattering the window behind her.

She falls right through it, but her robe gets caught in a shard of glass which slows down the rate of her fall. She then falls into a neighbor's yard, naked and obviously shocked from just being shot at by a man she was having relations with. That yard is the key...

See, director McG chose a yard on Lonzo Street in Tujunga, California (not too far out from Los Angeles). This is the same yard where Elliott first met E.T. in 1982's E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Mind blown? Well it gets even crazier.

You may be aware that Barrymore played Elliott's five-year-old sister in E.T., Gertie. So, 18 years after she played that role and filmed at that location, she broke into the same exact house from E.T. in Charlie's Angels. This is the scene where there are two kids playing video games (one of those boys, funnily enough is Gaven Lucas, a friend of mine). There's an E.T. poster hanging behind the TV to really hammer home the homage paid to the original film.


The blast from the past moment was one of my favorites from the Charlie's Angels film and I think after finding out about this connection, it's even more awesome and noteworthy.

I'm not a huge fan of the oversaturation of reboots in Hollywood, but I would definitely be interested in seeing a Charlie's Angels reboot. If cast correctly, it could be a mega hit.


Were you already aware of this Easter egg from Charlie's Angels?


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