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Here is a second list of awesome and terrifying short horror films. Enjoy!

1. Making Friends (2011) by Greg Bartlett (Award Winning)

I love horror films that play on urban legends.

On Halloween night, 8-year-old Denny Grayson, who has a stuttering problem and is bullied for it, is left alone at home by his mother, who must work. He’s told not to go trick ‘r treating, but he does anyway. Little does his mother know, he’s decided to get back the other kids in an unfathomable way.

Making Friends also won the award for Best Thriller/Horror Movie at the Canton Film Festival

2. Night Night Nancy (2015) by Lewis Farinella

This is one of my favorite horror shorts.

A young woman wakes up one morning to find pictures of her sleeping the previous night on her phone. She texts her boyfriend to tell him someone has been in her house, only to find out she’s still not alone.

The idea of something like this happening is what makes it so scary. These things really do happen, and it’s terrifying to think it could happen to any one of us. Lock your doors and windows!

3. Bedtime Is At 10 (2015) by Dimitri Salomão

While her babysitter is on the phone outside, a little girl watches cartoons in the living room, but the security cameras in the apartment show that she’s not the only one there.

What I found creepy about this short was that we don’t know who or what was in the black cloak. Was it a ghost? A demon? A murderer? We’ll never know.

4. Downstairs (2015) by Lee Boxleitner (Award Winning)

Winner of numerous awards, Downstairs follows a security guard who has been given specific instructions NOT to go downstairs. Yet, his curiosity gets the best of him and he does it anyway. He comes to find that was a very bad idea…

I liked this one because it wasn’t just horror, it had a bit of comedy mixed in as well. The security guard was pretty hilarious in some parts, which lightens the mood a bit and relieves some of the tension. There's just something about a horror film that can scare you and make you laugh at the same time...

This film won the award for Best Short Film at Dark Scream UK, was nominated for both Best Actor and Best Director at Dark Scream UK, and was chosen as one of the top 5 best short films at ScreamFest. It was also featured at numerous horror film festivals. Keep it up, Lee!

5. Scrambled (2013) by Hashmic House Films (Award Winning)

“How long the night seems to one kept awake by pain” – Bernard Joseph Saurin

Winner of Best Film at Murdoch’s My Film Festival in Dubai, Scrambled shows just how true the above quote is, but in more of an urban legend form.

6. Apartment 41 (2014) by Veemsen Lama

A young woman has just moved into her new apartment, but she soon realizes there’s something sinister lurking in the shadows…and it’s coming after her for a reason she must face.

7. Hello (2013) by Hugh Sweeney

A young woman receives numerous phone calls from an unknown man while waiting for her boyfriend to come home. She finds out too late that the man is already in the house.

Films like this one always get to me. They’re not slashers or about ghosts, just about the horror of someone being in your home without your knowledge and ending your life. Things like this really happen, and that’s what makes this film scary. Another thing I love about it is that they had no budget. A zero-budget film with only three people, two evenings, and simple light. Great films don’t have to be expensive!


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