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It's Day 1 of the '5 Day Recommendation Challenge', and today I'm going to recommending one of my favorite 90's comedies; Rush Hour!

The year is 1998, Jackie Chan is still a super big action star, and Chris Tucker was enjoying his newfound super stardom thanks to films like Friday, Dead Presidents and Jackie Brown! Hollywood, looking for the next big blockbuster, saw these two stars - one full of action, and the other full of comedy - and figured that since opposites attract, a movie with these two would attract tons of moviegoer!

And so, Rush Hour was born! This 90's action/comedy film follows James Carter (Tucker), an LAPD Detective whose life is flipped upside down when he's suddenly assigned as the glorified babysitter to Detective Inspector Lee of the Hong Kong Police Force. Lee, who is in America to find and rescue the daughter of his boss, isn't too happy about being assigned a partner, but can't do much about it.

Now, we've all seen buddy cop movies, so we know how the formula works. Two cops who don't like each other, are forced to become partners, and in the end they work it out and save the day—starting a new friendship in the process. It's pretty much the same thing here, but there's definitely something that makes this buddy cop movie worth watching more than others, well two things really; and that's Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan!

Now again, the formula is pretty standard here, with Tucker being the comedic relief, and Chan being the straight man. But while it is a familiar formula, it's excused by Chan and Tucker's incredible on-screen chemistry.

Plus, the two do manage to switch roles a bit, with Tucker getting in some great action moments, and Chan delivering some pretty hilarious lines.

There's a reason this movie spawned two more sequels, and why I still have it on VHS (yes, I still own a VHS) - and that's simply because it's an awesome and funny movie! It's got action, jokes, and a great cast. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend finding it in anyway you can and watching it immediately! Here's a scene from the movie to let you see how great it is:

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