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Josh Brolin is one of Hollywood's most badass actors. He has a presence that is unmistakable and you know damn well not to cross the dude! In movies that is, he's super nice in real life! Ever want to know more about the man that has you engaged in every movie you see him in? Read on.

1. The dudes been in four comic book publications

Want to know how to find Josh Brolin in a comic book movie? Look for the dude that nobody messes with and there he is. That's him. You may recognize Brolin as the mighty Thanos from the MCU. Of course you remember him as Dwight in last years Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. He was also in the DC Universe as Jonah Hex in 2010 and a young Agent K in Men in Black 3. Be sure to be on the lookout for him in future Marvel movies as he will be the absolute key to all their success.

2. He's got a famous family

Brolin has got a lot of famous relations. For starters, the legendary Barbara Streisand is his stepmother. Not only that, but his father is actor James Brolin, who appeared in the TV series, Batman, and Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, and starred in the 1979 version of Amityville Horror. He's also great friends with Johnny Depp which is pretty amazing. Captain Sparrow and Thanos hanging out? Yes please!

3. His first movie was The Goonies

Yes, believe it or not, tough-guy Brolin's first movie was the much loved '80s hit, The Goonies. He acquired the love for acting in high school and starred in many plays throughout his academic career. Brolin was raised on a ranch in California and decided that acting was what he wanted to do; what a great choice that was, too!

4. He got over his drug problem and sculpted his career

He may be one of the stars of Sicario, where he takes down the drug lords, but he used to be involved in drugs himself. He admitted to stealing cars to pay for his drug use, which included heroin. Thankfully, he did a Downey Jr-Esque career shape where he is now one of the most influential actors in Hollywood. Well done, Mr. Brolin. Not only are you a true badass, but you're truly inspirational as well.

5. He's married to a model

Katheryn Boyd is Brolin's assistant-turned-fiancée in quite the love story. Brolin has faced a divorce in the past, but this relationship looks like one to last. Good on you, Brolin, as Kathryn looks like quite the stunner. Then again, Brolin is one of Hollywood's most handsome men, almost landing the role of Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman, but ultimately missed out to Ben Affleck.

6. He's got some credible awards to his name

Brolin is quite good at both winning and getting nominated for awards. In Hollywood, getting nominated is a tremendous honor in its own right. In 2009, he won a joint Critics Choice award for 'Best Acting Ensemble.' He was then nominated for an Academy Award for the same role. This year, he won Lost Weekend Award for 'Best Supporting Actor' in the movie Inherent Vice alongside Joaquin Phoenix. He has won many more, and I'm sure they won't end there as he has real acting talent that will never cease.

7. He's got some great sounding films coming out

Josh Brolin has a nice horizon for him at the moment. This year alone he has the intense crime, drug fueled thriller Sicario and the intense looking true story, Everest. As for next year? He's got a comedy-drama coming out, too, about a Hollywood "fixer" in the 1950s that works to keep stars in line. And if that film didn't sound badass enough, he's got a movie in development where an ex-convict gets incarcerated on purpose to infiltrate a mob at a maximum security prison. Sounds great, right? Another badass role he's sure to impress us in.

8. He's worked with some incredible talent

He's worked with some real talent. In No Country for Old Men he worked with Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem and Woody Harrelson. He worked with Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges in True Grit. Not only those, but in Milk, he worked with Sean Penn, James Franco and Gus Van Sant. He can do more than just action and drama, though. In the documentary for W., he played George Bush with the likes of Elizabeth Banks and Ioan Gruffudd. He was also the highlight of Men in Black 3 playing the perfect fit for a young Tommy Lee Jones that was completely believable.

9. He's a man of many talents

A little known fact: Brolin has many other interests outside of acting. He loves to go surfing and race cars. See? Told you. Total badass! He's a little box of tricks, isn't he? He's loved surfing since before his acting career ever started and has always stuck to it. He also considered being a chef before deciding to be an actor. I could see him as a chef that everybody's afraid of, for sure. He'd have everyone eating their meals with total respect and decent manners. He also has a love for poems. He's written many poems for and about his mother, who unfortunately passed away in 1995. Talk about a multi-talented man.

10. He almost died and still showed up to work

In May 2006, two days after being cast in the film, No Country for Old Men (2007), he crashed his motorcycle into a vehicle on Highland Avenue in Los Angeles. Luckily, he only shattered his collarbone, and two weeks later he showed up to start filming. It's not surprising as he is Josh Brolin after all, but damn, what a work ethic! Take a day off, Josh! Despite his injury, No Country For Old Men is a highly-acclaimed film with a 91% Metascore rating, proving that come Hell or high water, Mr. Brolin is going to get the job done, and do it so damn well at that.

As if you needed any more reason to want to watch a Josh Brolin film after this list, check out the intensely thrilling and equally interesting trailer for Sicario, showcasing exactly how intimidating Brolin can be, alongside the action queen, Emily Blunt, and the only other kick-ass actor that can rival Josh Brolin's top ranking badassery, Benicio del Toro.

This film dives straight into the war on drugs, and looks to be as addicting as the substances they are fighting against.

Catch Sicario for a high - action high, that is, in theaters now!


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