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I'm tired of all these bull crap lists of fan casting that don't make any sense. Like casting Actors who play Marvel Characters or characters from a Vertigo or Image comic live action adaptation. And if they HAVE been in a comc movie before but are out of the job now, then they're fair game. It's time for a realistic Fan Casting (i know the point of fan casting is to go nuts! But, this is for a realistic approach). So, to start off, if they're already casted i won't put them here i.e. Ben Affleck and Jeremy Irons. Also, I'm going to assume since this is a more seasoned Batman that Jena Malone is playing Barbara Gordon/Oracle and not Batgirl. All right lets get started!

Dick Grayson/Nightwing Played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The guy needs to be a superhero already! He can be suave, or gritty or even innocent. He can play any verson of Nightwing, DC could even do Agent Grayson if they wanted. Assuming from the Batman v Superman trailer he might actually be dead. But in the Batman solo film he could be in a flashback. Either way they do it, Joseph is the guy! I know he already was Nightwing (practically) but, no John Blake bull crap this time. The real thing: Dick Grayson.

Jason Todd/Red Hood Played by Richard Madden

The 29 year old Game of Thrones star fits this role almost perfect. He showed fits of anger and outrage very well in Game of Thrones as well as his death scene, i mean it made thousands cry and even boycott the show! A flashback scene of his death would be great and set a dark tone for this universe. I know alot of people were hoping for Jared Leto's Joker to be Jason Todd but, seriously why would anyone want to deprive the world of a Red Hood!

Tim Drake/Robin Played by Dylan O'Brien

I know, I know he was in the running for Spider-Man but truthfully, i never wanted him to get the part, i wanted Garfield to keep it, but O'Brien would be the perfect Quirky, Sarcastic Robin that's questioning Bruce's methods but always falls right back to his place by his side. I mean he's young like Tim Drake clocking in at 24 years old. He would make a great Batman Beyond Batman if he ever had to take up the mantle as well!

Selina Kyle/Catwoman Played by Charlize Theron

Now i was never really for Theron playing Captain Marvel, i'm more for seeing her play a sassy, seductive cat burglar (get it, cat). Yes Blonde hair included. I know Catwoman is usually black or brunette, but seeing a change and the main idea of the character as well the personality kept straight from the comics would make her iconic. I'm also not one to pass on seeing Theron in a tight leather suit either. It would be fresh, innovative, and As Snyder and Ayer have showed us the DCEU is not going to be afraid of making some changes.

Commissioner James Gordon Played by Bryan Cranston

Well for one, he voiced him alongside current Jim Gordon, Ben McKenzie (Gotham) in the animated film Batman: Year One. He also would look like Jim Gordon was ripped straight of the comic book. Just give him the glasses and mustache and some grey hair and BAM! Jim Gordon!

Lucius Fox Played by Tyler Perry

I'm not a fan of Tyler Perry, especially his directing. But his dynamic with Affleck in Gone Girl was great! The chemistry was there and he pulled of a smart lawyer too. As CEO of Wayne Ent. and Batman's tech dealer he would fit, sure it would be tough to beat Morgan Freeman's performance, but Tyler Perry looks more like the comic book counterpart.

Stephanie Brown/Batgirl Played by Brie Larson

She's a little newer to the acting game but i think she could pull off the more lazy but driven Batgirl that is Stephanie Brown. I say skip Cassandra Cain (mostly cause i wasn't a fan) and go straight to Steph as holder of the Batgirl mantle, maybe even give her her own movie as Batgirl seeming to be DC's best comic right now. Maybe even do some flashbacks of her as the Spoiler too!

Katy Kane/Batwoman Played by Bryce Dallas Howard

Given that she's a very talented actor and beautiful, I think she is worth redemption in the comic book movie world. She played a terrible Gwen Stacy but mostly by direction and not acting. I think She make the perfect Batwoman. She's basically a female lesbian Bruce Wayne. Parents lost or forgotten, left as a teen to better herself then returned and party's all day and kicks butt all night! Also keep it like the New-52 where she isn't direct Batfamily, but still helps out when the time calls for her attention.

Helena Bertinelli/Huntress Played by Alexis Bledel

As a huge fan of Arrow i didn't much care for Jessica De Gouw's performance as the Huntress, she kind of soiled it for me so i say, have the huntress in there but keep it to a bare minimum. I think its time Bledel showed us what she can to, but not with a major character maybe just have a scene or two in the Batman Solo film and then put her in a Birds of Prey movie.

Green Arrow/Oliver Queen Played by Jake Gyllenhaal

I know most people want Charlie Hunnam as Green Arrow and you're probably wondering Why Green Arrow is on this list when he's part of the arrow family. Well i think Gyllenhaal would give us a very good Oliver Queen that is the CEO Playboy that Bruce Wayne is as well. And that's just it introduce him into the universe just as Oliver Queen in the Batman solo film maybe at some fundraiser event that Wayne Ent. is throwing. Don't show him as Green Arrow until he's in the JLA or in his own film. Makes it all the more fun.

Poison Ivy Played by Dakota Johnson

I say make the main villain of the movie Ivy, and have it played by a new young, seductive actor. Which makes Johnson my top candidate. Don't give her to much backstory just have it as if she's relatively new but has been pissing off Batman and the gang long enough to have a name known.

Roman Sionis/Black Mask Played by Armie Hammer

Make the secondary villain Black mask, maybe working with Ivy some how. Even veteran comic readers don't know too much about Black mask and put a new spin on him. Make him more suave and maybe a rich guy like Bruce by day owning Sionis Industries and a black mask wearing serial murderer gangster by night. Have him be crucial to Bruce's past. Making Black Masks parents the ones behind Thomas and Martha Wayne's murder hiring Joe Chill. Give Roman a small scar on his face given to him maybe by his drunk father. But don't show or give any flashbacks just pure dialogue and fighting for his story.


What do you think of the Casting & Story choice?


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