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In Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice it seems to be that we're likely gonna get the most accurate depiction of the Dark Knight on film. And what comes with accurate depictions are accurate character traits as well, and Bruce is no stranger to having multiple Batsuits at his disposal. Let's break down the type of Batsuits we will be seeing on screen in BvS!

Back in action suit

The first suit we're gonna see Ben wear is the old fashioned blue and grey suit, the one Batman returned to action to in 'The Dark Knight Returns' comic. You can tell the suit has been through Hell and back as it has multiple scars, gunshot marks, and looks worn out from his previous days as a crime fighter in Gotham. Many people might not have caught it and assumed it was the lighting, but it is definitely the original blue and grey suit! Neat, right? Maybe the fight scene we saw during the trailer is the one when he first comes back into the crime fighting game.

Tradition black and grey suit

Of course the famous black and grey suit will be featured in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870). In my opinion (and somewhat theory) this is Ben's second suit that he probably assembles or already has in stock waiting to be used. Just like in Frank Miller's Batman novel, Bruce dons a second suit because the first suit was damaged when fighting the Mutant Leader. Now, for all of you who are saying it's the same suit: It is not, and the evidence proves it...

The neck piece and ears are totally different than the one we see in the Empire magazine reveal photo.

This one has the more pointed and devilish looking bat ears with the neck piece looking more curved, while the one above looks more straight-lined.

Desert Batsuit

The famous desert Batsuit everyone's been talking about in that strange desert scene we see in the trailer. Anyhow, from what I've noticed, it seems like a regular Batsuit is underneath all that heavy gear on top. The suit looks more like infiltration gear and on the side of Batman's leg looks like a holster with a gun inside. Not surprising as Zack Snyder says that this Batman carries an assault rifle at one point during the movie, plus he has a machine gun mounted on the front of his Batmobile. Let's just say that this Batman isn't too caught up on the no gun rule anymore. The suit has similarities to the Red Son Batman suit and Justice League Liberty Files suit as it seems to be a mesh of both. I just can't wait to see this bad boy taking on those wretched Superman-patched soldiers in March!

Bat Armor

The famous Bat Armor designed to take down Superman! This armor, as we all know, is taken right off the comic book page of Frank's Miller The Dark Knight Returns, where Batman gives Superman the butt-whooping of his life and gives him the "remember the one man who beat you" speech. The armor has the iconic glowing eyes and sturdiness designed to withstand Superman's blows for a decent amount of time. The only thing different is the way Kryptonite will be used. In The Dark Knight Returns, Green Arrow shoots Kryptonite at Superman to severely weaken him and give Batman the chance to end the fight. In this adaptation, Batman has it laced in his suit to give him a fighting chance. Also, Batfleck's armor won't enhance his strength while Miller's did, Batfleck's goal is to buy time for whatever grand plan he has up his devious sleeve. But it seems to me it's going to deliver the Frank Miller-esque ass-kicking as well.

So, that's a grand total of four (well, really three) in BvS. It's awesome how Snyder is really sticking to the source material.


Do you like Batman having multiple suits?


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