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It's never occurred to me personally that a Game of Thrones spin-off could happen. But then, it never occurred to me to make a The Walking Dead spin-off, so that tells you that I shouldn't be in charge of the biggest TV shows in the world (yet). The scope of Game of Thrones on it's own makes it difficult to imagine what could be separate enough to require a completely different show, and yet it could happen, couldn't it?

The Whisperings!

I'm not just randomly saying that there could be a Game of Thrones spin-off (though I wouldn't put it past me) I actually have some foundation for believing such a thing.

Now obviously I understand that they could be referring to the fact that they have not been following the books religiously on the show, but it could mean something else... and there's also this!

Get back to writing!
Get back to writing!

George RR Martin has hinted at both a TV spin-off series and a spin-off film before, you can see the articles by clicking on the links there. If that doesn't convince you of the possibility, then nothing will. However, the question remains...

What would the Spin-off be about?

Well, since it was announced that Sean Bean was filming scenes for Game of Thrones season 6, we can assume that flashbacks will be introduced in this season, however that does mean we will probably get hints to a lot of other past events, and we could see a show based around some of these.

Robert's Rebellion!


This would be an amazing show! The story behind Robert's rebellion is a brilliant one, and I would love to see all of the twists and turns played out on screen. I would love to see it from both sides as well: Ned and Robert's as well as the Targaryen's! It could be amazing! You could also do something like...

Slaver's Bay!

12 years a slave?
12 years a slave?

I could definitely see a prequel set in the Slave Pits of Meereen, a sort of Spartacus type thing. It could follow one man (Daario?) during his time in the slave pits, trying to survive no matter what it takes to do so. These ideas are assuming that they do a spin-off TV show. If they do a film, the only thing that could be big enough to deserve one would be...


Oh Tyrion, you're fabulous.
Oh Tyrion, you're fabulous.

Let's face it, there is a lot of story left to tell, and apparently there are only three seasons left to tell it in. What if it set up for an epic finale between all the characters, and stopped? We would need a proper ending of course, and where better to put it than on the big screen? This saga deserves that kind of epic ending, and I could see it happening.

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