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"Wake up, you lumps! We're going to the zoo!" Dudley, Harry's rediculous cousin, stomped down the stairs. Harry and I share a room, luckily neither of us are claustrophobic! Harry got up, put his glasses on, and walked to the cupboard door. Dudley shoved him back in and slammed the door in his face. I don't really understand Dudley. He wants us out then he shoves us back in?! Who does that?

"I don't understand either," Harry rubbed his head. I gave him a confused look. "You were thinking out loud," he smirked. I smiled with a bit of a blush, I never think out loud! Harry smirked and left the "room" so I could get dressed. It was his turn to sleep in his clothes. He left and I locked the door. I slipped off my green tank top and black shorts and folded them onto my makeshift bed. I pulled out my trunk from under his bed and pulled out my clothes. I dressed in a fitted white top with a V-neck, a black tank top underneath, and denim capris. It's the middle of summer and we're going to a zoo! What do you expect me to wear? My hair was golden blond today as I brushed it and put it up in a high ponytail. I left a few strands hang in my face and put my glasses on. They're wire rimed and rectangular tan frames. I smiled and brushed my teeth quickly. I washed my face and rushed to the kitchen. Five minutes! That's a record!

"Where's my bacon?" Vernon snarled at me. It was Harry's turn to cook and my turn to serve.

"Sorry, sir," I grimaced as I handed the round man a plate of turkey bacon.

"Bring my coffee, girl!" He ordered.

"Yes, sir," I handed Vernon a mug full of scorching coffee. "Careful, it's a bit—" I started. He took a sip, ignoring me, and spat it on the floor while fanning himself. "Hot," I finished. He stared at me with cold, dead eyes and his face went purple. Luckily Petunia likes me.

"Calm down, Vernon. Alex did try to warn you," she smiled at me. I nodded and knelt down to clean up the stain on the rug. I scrubbed for ten minutes to no avail so I gave up. I am going to die. Vernon will kill me. I thought as I laid back on the floor. I sighed angrily and sat back up. The stain was gone! I smiled and pumped the air, much to Harry's amusement.

Dudley came stomping in. "How many are there?" He demanded, referring to his presents. He's a greedy pig, if you ask me. He's lucky he gets anything at all! Harry and I only get gifts from each other, but that's more than enough for us!

"36! Counted them myself!" Vernon winked proudly at his pig of a son.

"36!?" Dudley shouted outraged. "That's not enough! Last year I had 37! I have to get more!"

"Dudley, you're lucky I'm not giving you my present. It's pay back for all the kicks in the gut I've gotten from you. It would add up to be about 700," I snarled as I sat beside Harry at the table. Harry gave me a low-five from under the table while Vernon and Dudley turned purple.

"Listen here, Popkin. W-when we go out we'll buy you two new presents! How's that?" Petunia hugged him.

"As long as they're big!" Dudley whimpered.

"Oh yes. The biggest and most expensive they've got!" Petunia promised. I could pick my moments and this was definitely one to shut up in.

Vernon pulled Harry and I aside once Dudley was ready to leave. I slipped on my flip-flops, but I wasn't done eating. That didn't matter. "Any funny business, any at all, and you won't eat for a week!" Vernon warned as he shoved us into the car.

After a few hours of wandering through the zoo, which included every guy staring at me, we walked into the reptile room. I was a bit wary because I hate being in dark rooms with people I don't know. No, I'm not afraid of the dark. Let's just say, I've had experience in the harassment side of things. Harry has helped me through all of them so that calmed my nerves a lot. He took my hand reassuringly, which he always does when I'm afraid or cautious, and we waked inside. "Whoa!" Dudley ran directly toward a python. He pressed his face to the glass excitedly and his hands as well. "Make it move!" Dudley demanded his father.

Vernon knocked on the glass, "Move!" "He's asleep!" Harry told him.

"What happened to never wake a sleeping giant? Or did that only apply to you two?" I crossed my arms, after letting go of Harry's hand.

"He's boring," Dudley sighed and slouched away.

Harry gave me another low-five as we looked at the sleeping snake. "We apologize about him," Harry spoke to it.

"He doesn't understand what it's like to be on display," I finished awkwardly as I felt eyes on me. "Harry, do you feel someone watching you?" I asked. He shook his head and I turned around. No one. Hmm. Probably being paranoid again, I thought with a shrug. I turned back to the snake who was nodding at Harry.

"Can you hear us?" Harry asked, green eyes wide with amazement. The snake nodded again. "You're from Brazil aren't you? Was it nice there?" Harry asked. The snake inclined it's scaly green head to a sign. Bred in captivity.

"That's us too. Never knew our parents," I told him apologetically.

Dudley ran over, "Mummy! Dad! Come look at this snake!" He shoved Harry and I into each other and onto the floor. Harry and I focused on the glass as my hair turned an angry red. The glass vanished and Dudley fell in. The glass reappeared, after the snake left, and he was trapped. He began to pound the glass and the water from the habitat attacked him! I couldn't help but laugh as Dudley's parents began to freak out. The snake slithered over to us.

"TTThanksssssss," he said.

"Anytime," Harry and I stuttered.


"What happened?!" Vernon demanded as he drug Harry and I by our hair into the house.

"I swear I don't know!" Harry shouted as he tried to loosen his uncle's grip.

"Come off it, Harry! Don't lie for me. I hit a button by accident and it made the glass go into a place for cleaning and the workers sent it back up," I lied calmly.

"You're both going without meals for a week! You for lying," he yanked Harry's jet black hair. "And you," he yanked mine, "for doing it!" I snapped. I made my hair into a black pixie cut so he'd have to let go. He gasped and threw me onto the floor of the cupboard before throwing Harry in as well. Vernon locked us in there.

"He does realize that we can sue him for this, doesn't he?" I asked, just loudly enough for Vernon to hear. I could all but see Vernon pretend to strangle me! Harry rolled his emerald eyes with a smile.

"Let's just work on a way to eat," Harry whispered.

"Are you hungry now?" I asked as my hair went back to how I like it, shoulder length auburn with deep red tips and my eyes returned to sky blue.

"A bit," he answered. I smiled and walked over to the corner of the room. I moved a few blankets and found my snack stash. Harry smiled and we snacked until we were full.


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