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It seems like Lady Gaga is full of surprises lately from releasing a jazz album, doing a 180 with her wardrobe, covering Sound of Music at the Oscars, getting engaged, and starring in [American Horror Story: Hotel](tag:3561561). So it only makes sense that her newest video would follow the same trend - this time addressing sexual assault on college campuses.

The ballad entitled 'Til It Happens To You' delves into the mindset of the assault victim and how it feels when someone says "it will get better, move on" but Gaga fires back with "what the hell do you know?," criticizing society's usual response and how this issue is not being dealt with the severity or in the manner that it should be.

Lady Gaga has a personal connection to the song having been raped by a record producer at the age of 19. And now, her lyrics give meaning to a multitude of challenges that anyone going through a personal hardship can relate to.

Watch the video for 'Til It Happens To You' here:

The song was written by Gaga in a collaboration with Diane Warren for a documentary released in February titled The Hunting Ground, which is about sexual assault on university campuses. The video was directed by Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight, Thirteen) showing the stories of four girls being raped, trying to cope with their grief, and eventually finding strength and support in friendships. It was shot in black and white, highlighting the severity of the topic and making the content the main focus of the video.

One in five college women are sexually assaulted

In the past Lady Gaga has been an advocate for LGBT youth and battled against bullying so it makes sense for her to release a song and video that is as powerful as this one. At the end of the video, it gives the statistic that one in five college women will be sexually assaulted and also the number for the sexual assault hotline.

The rawness of Lady Gaga's voice together with the difficult subject of the video expose how serious a problem it is and how it's happening all over the country. There is no time like now to start addressing the issues that are brought to the surface by this video.


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