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*********************Next Day********************

I sat jolt upright as I heard Petunia screech. I pulled a jacket over my night shirt and ran to see what was up. I ran to the sitting room to see Petunia holding a scrap book, sitting on the couch, and crying! "Petunia? Are those happy tears or did someone die?" I asked timidly as I slowly walked over to her. Petunia's head shot up so suddenly that her long neck cracked! She smiled at me as the tears fell. I looked at her worriedly and extremely close to calling the hospital. She tapped the seat next to her and I sat down. "I'm sorry that I forgot you, Popkin," Petunia sobbed.

"W-W-What d-do you mean?" I stuttered worriedly. Why in the world would she call me Popkin?! She teared up again and hugged me tighter than I ever thought possible! "To make up for eleven years of neglect," She explained as she pulled away and looked into my eyes. They changed colors, but Petunia only smiled. "Of couse we'll have to do something about those eyes and your obsession over hair dye!" She pulled her pocket book. "I don't understand. Why?" I asked bluntly. "Because you have a problem," Petunia said it as if it were nothing. "No, I don't have a problem. I meant: why are you sobbing at six in the morning?" I elaborated. Petunia looked down, finding her slippers very interesting, and handed me the book.

On the first page was a baby being held by a younger looking Petunia, captioned: Day one at home with my adorable little girl: Alexandra Cason Dursley! On the second page was a one year old in a high chair shoving her face into a strawberry cake, captioned: Alex's first birthday! Why is her hair blue? The memories went on. How I reacted when I first met Harry, my first Halloween, my first bike ride, and so on! I let a few tears fall, but sucked them back in. I didn't know whether to smile or grimace. I decided on a pained smile toward my mum. "Mum?!" It felt so wrong to say. "Alex," Petunia smiled. It wasn't a normal sight. She always looked scared around Dudley, had a grimace around Vernon, and a full blown scowl when it came to Harry. "You're not the only one who forgot," I hugged her. It just didn't feel right! I knew that something wrong with this scene, I just couldn't pinpoint it!


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