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**************** An hour later****************

I was setting the table when Harry came in. "Popkin, let the boy do it!" Petunia told me.

"I'm fine, Mum," I shuddered at the word.

"Popkin? Mum?" Harry asked in disbelief as he took his spot next to me.

"I'll explain later," I whispered as he took the silverware from me. He nodded with a look that said 'I will hold you to that.' I smiled and began to cook, much to Mum's dissapproval. I shook it off and continued my everyday routine.

"Harry, get the post!" Dad snarled. How can I be so nice to everyone and so pretty when these two are my parents?! Was my grandma a model or something?! I shook the thought as Harry walked down the main hall. His messy black hair was messier than usual and he was wearing some of Dudley's old clothes. The pants were about a size too big, if I hadnt found string they'd be down around his ankles, and a baggy tshirt about a size and a half larger than him! I pitied him. My clothes fit perfectly because I did chores around the neighborhood and I refused to wear Mum's old dresses.

He returned a few moments later with a handful of letters. He handed Dad four of the six and gave me one. "I never get mail!" I whispered as I inspected the envelope. In green loopy letter the envelope read, 'Alexia Cason. No. 4 Privet Drive. Cupboard under the stairs. Little Whinging. Surrey.' I gasped in awe that the sender had gotten the address perfectly, but I wondered why they had used my middle name. I decided not to think about it and I flipped the envelope over. There was a ruby red wax seal that had an H in the center of a few other decals. I slipped my thumb under it to open it when Dudley noticed.

"Dad! Mummy! They've got letters!" He squealed and took the letters from Harry and I.

"Hey! Give it back, it's mine!" Harry and I said in unison.

"Yours?" Dad scoffed and took the letters from the pig in a hat. "Who'd be writing to you?" He chuckled. Vernon flipped the letter over and saw the seal. He and Petunia shared fearful looks and that was the last time Harry and I answered the post. However, as Dad plugged the letter box, Owls dropped them through the chimney! Owls are night animals! Letters would appear in the baking, the laundry, my shoes, everywhere! It was getting a bit overwhelming and nerve wracking for Dad wouldn't let us read them.



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