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I explained the Dursley situation to Harry and he was much more understanding than I'd have thought. After the week of starvation, which was actually full of peanut butter and chocolate, letters wouldn't stop coming! Petu-Mum had sent me to doctor because of my 'hair problem.' The doctor concluded that it was a rare disease and I was to have surgery tomorrow. I didn't want it! There was nothing wrong with me! To make a point, I kept my hair auburn since then.

"Your hair hasn't changed since the doctor, those pills work then?" Dad asked as I sat down at the table. That was the fifth time I've heard about it and I have had enough! I pushed my bacon around the plate without looking up, a grimace forming on my face.

"I wouldn't know. I refuse to take them," I said quietly.

"What?!" Dad shouted angrily, his face going purple. I let out a small sob as I began to cry.

"What's wrong, Popkin?" Mum asked me.

"You people are what's wrong!" I stood up angrily with tears streaming down my face. Mum looked upset but Dad looked angry. "You think I'm some sort of experiment! Those pills haven't even been approved in London! I am not a freak! I'm a normal eleven year old with an above average talent! If I hear another word about it I'll break out my sailor's dictionary!" I took my plate and stomped into the living room to eat breakfast. I let the tears run freely. I don't entirely understand myself sometimes. I mean, I'm perfectly fine one minute and the next thing you know I'm threatening to curse at my guardians! I ate my bacon in silence until Petu-Mum sat down next to me.

"That was uncalled for," she scolded me. My head shot up, me feeling as if I could spit fire.

"He deserved it! I'm tired of being treated like a freak. And if you think it's fine to be taken to the doctor because of a small issue maybe you should get that pencil neck checked out. And Dad and Dudley get surgery for a neck!" I snarled and walked away, barely managing to keep my hair from changing. Mum looked angry and I locked myself in the cupboard waiting for Harry. I fell asleep before he came though, apparently I had been reading all day!


The next day came before I'd have liked and I was dreading the doctor's appointment. "He's gonna scalp me and then figure out that there is absolutely nothing wrong with me, and then I'll use them for every penny they've got and I'll run and leave my pathetic excuse for family-excluding Harry-in the dust!" I grumbled as I took my shower and got ready. I left the washroom back to the cupboard and smiled. Harry was up as well, apparently he wanted to join me.

"Can I assume you're going to come with me to the doctor?" I smirked as I noticed my hair was it's natural color. Bleach blond with blood red tips. It only did that when I was anxious, excited, or cautious! I was definitely anxious!

"Obviously! Oh, great job with Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia yesterday," he smirked as the two of us put out glasses on. I giggled a bit. 'Wait what?! I never giggle! I chuckle and snort!' I thought and made a face. Harry rolled his emerald eyes at my face and went back to attempting to comb his hair.

"Alexandra! Let's go!" Mum shouted from the sitting room. I sighed and my eyes turned anxious gold. Harry told me that I'd be fine and he'd kill the doc if I wasn't. I giggled, again, and left the room with caution. (Making my hair return to auburn so Mum couldn't say anything else, along with my eyes to blue.) I saw Mum still looking cross with my smart remarks from yesterday, in a blue Sun dress, and her peach purse slung over her shoulder. She glared at Harry as he followed me out and she drove us to the doctor.


"Alexia Dursley," the nurse called with a sympathetic smile to me. I could feel the blond creeping into my hair as I took Harry's hand and went to the other room, with him waiting outside the door.

"Before you even get out whatever it is I want to get one thing clear. I'm not a freak, I don't have a disease, I'm not on display and if this goes wrong and you find out that I am perfectly normal I will sue you," I told the nurse as I sat down on the bed and she dug through the drawers. She pulled out an X-Ray and set it up. I always felt self conscious around X-Rays and I found myself crossing my legs and crossing my arm across my chest. The nurse noticed and told me to relax. I just stiffened even more, that's what they always say. The nurse, Nurse Jack, took my feet and uncrossed my legs then my arms. I kept a semi-straight face but kept my stiffness as she told me to lie back. I listened hesitantly. She placed a helmet-like thing on my head and my skull showed up on the monitor. The crown of my head showed multicolored sprouts, which was weird because X-Rays are black and white! Jack gasped and put a wet cloth on my head. I felt weird, almost as if I were being drugged!

"I'm not a freak," I told her once more before blacking out.

"Oh, but you are," I could hear Jack say with fright in every word.


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