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"Alex!" Harry shook me at seven like always. Sure Mum and Dad wouldn't be up until ten, but we spent this time finishing up chores, catching up, and making breakfast. I opened my eyes groggily and saw emerald orbs a bit closer than I'd like. I blinked a few times and realized that it was just my vision that made him seem so close. I sat up, feeling as if I were on a hangover, but fell back laughing my arse off. "What are you laughing about?" Harry asked and joined me.

"I *wheeze* really don't *wheeze* know!" I laughed. Then a piece of memory flooded in from yesterday. My haunting, forced laughter. I was still experiencing it! I finally calmed down and wiped my tears from the forced laughter. "Harry, how did I get here?" I asked tentatively. Harry scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. "Harry!" I demanded.

"You really don't remember?" He asked after a moment of hesitation. I shook my head. "Well an ambulance drove up and dropped you off. You jumped out of the back, laughing like a madman! You started shouting that the nurses tried to kill you," he looked pained to relive it. They did try to kill me! I remember the blood stained utensils and Jack wrestling the scissors from me! I rolled my hands signaling him to continue. He took a deep breath. "You had scars all the way up your arms and had water wrapped around your legs. You had a bloody nose and a gash on your cheek. You started saying you survived the longest war ever! Aunt Petunia was about to call Bedlam. Then you passed out. Your hair was going from purple to black, to white, to silver, to red, to green, to blue, and then to blond with red. That's how it's stuck now. Dudley carried you in here and I gave you the bed," he finished, not meeting my eyes.

"So I was basically an escaped mental patient?" I summed it up with that stupid girlish giggle! He laughed and nodded. "What do you mean I had water wrapped around me?" I bit my lip.

"I don't know how it happened but as soon as you steeped in the yard water from puddles and houses wrapped around your legs. You don't have the scars now," he explained with an extremely puzzled look. I looked down, realizing I was in my actual pajamas and saw scars on my arms but thin red lines on my legs.

"Huh," I shrugged. "Do you want the shower first?" I stood up. He shook his head and stood up too. I thanked him and took my clothes with me to the washroom.

I locked the door and looked into the mirror. I saw a deep cut on the side of my face and I sighed. I ran my hand through my platinum blond hair. People say that, with the drastic switch from platinum to blood red in my hair, I should be a strawberry blond. I like my hair, but I hate the idiotic blond stereotype. I have top grades, people! My eyes are a grayish blue, which makes me look cold and distant. I shook the thought and turned the water on. It didn't flow into the tub, like I'd hoped. Instead it splashed up and wrapped the scars around my arms and I felt water on my face. The scars and the gash were.......just gone! I suddenly felt really tired, but I took my shower anyway.

I stepped out of the shower and dressed. I wore a V-neck red long sleeved shirt and black sweat pants. Suddenly "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars was in my head. Not the dirty parts though, Harry would mute it when they came up. I really love him for that! I brushed my hair and teeth and put my glasses on. I went back to the cupboard, being sure to have one hand over my eyes because he had the door closed.

I opened the door and I could all but see him jump. "Don't worry. I can't see," I chuckled and shut the door behind me. I heard him sigh with relief and I slid down the door. He laughed and told me I could open my eyes. I did so gladly, because my eyes started to sting.


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