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"Fine day, Sunday," Dad said with a sickly smile. His brown, white, checkered vest seemed to be squeezing him and his pants looked as if they could pop. "In my opinion, best day of the week!" He took a peanut butter cookie from Harry. Dudley was wearing a red t-shirt and jeans, and Mum wore a sickly pink dress. Harry was wearing an oversized grey t-shirt and jeans, held up by a string. "Why is that, Dudley?" Dad took a bite. Dudley shrugged through a mouthful of sweets. I took the tray from Harry and he sat down.

"Because there's no post on Sundays?" Harry suggested. Dad took another cookie.

"Right you are, Harry," Dad smiled. He held the cookie like a chalice. "No post on Sundays. Ha! Not one single bloody letter! Not one. No sir. Not one blasted-" Dad was cut off by a letter hitting him in the head. I laughed and Harry smiled. The house began to shake and the Dursleys were freaking out, excluding me. I'm still a skeptic about that, though. Oh well. The fireplace blew up with letters, and it actually started raining letters! Harry, being the idiot he is, jumped on the table and tried to grab them from the air. I had my wits and picked them up off of the ground. Dad was buried in letters and he was freaking out. It was all I could do to keep from busting a gut!

"Harry, just grab one off the floor!" I shouted at him. He ignored me and continued to jump. I grabbed his letter from the floor and dragged him to the cupboard. He was unlocking it when Dad grabbed us both. He picked us up and he was attacked by letters. His pig face was purple.

"We're going away! Where they'll never find us!" He shouted. I kicked and screamed and kicked some more.

"Daddy's gone mad!" Dudley whimpered.

"No dip!" I snarled and kept kicking while Harry demanded release. Next thing I knew I was in the car going to Lord only knows where.


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