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It's been nearly a week since I've had a shower or brushed my teeth. I was scorching! Every once in a while, when I thought I'd have a heat stroke, a cool gust of wind would greet me. I have been wearing sweat soaked clothes for a week! The car smelled like a farm and Dudley was........ugh! He was showing his fat and was stuck to the seat. I shuddered and dug around in the floor. "What are you looking for?" Harry groaned from beside me.

"I know it's here somewhere!" I grumbled. I could tell that Harry thought I was crazy, but I wasn't. "Ah ha!" I said in triumph and grabbed something from under the seat. It was a shoe box full of things to make me cold. I put them in here when I was six, and we went on a month long road trip. It was specifically for me and Harry. I opened it up. There were sewing scissors, two small hand fans, and a CD player with ear buds. I cut the sleeves off of my shirt and made my pants into shorts. I passed Harry a fan and an ear bud.

"I forgot about that!" Harry smiled and put the ear bud in. I played a few of my songs. We stopped a few hours later at a hotel and I ran inside, up to our rooms, and straight into the shower. I took my bun down and took a warm shower. I was in there for maybe an hour, but I felt great when I stepped out. I brushed my teeth for ten minutes and used a lot of mouthwash. I brushed my hair out and put it into a ponytail. I put my glasses back on and put on my summer clothes: a white tank-top and pink shorts. I felt clean for the first time in a week! I stepped out of the bathroom and Dudley ran in, smelling like rotten eggs.

"Was that smell from sweat or did he cut one?" I waved my hand in front of my face and walked over to Harry. He chuckled and looked so cute! Wait! When do I think that?! I mentally slapped myself.

"Both. You want the bed?" He answered. I shook my head. "Are you sure?" I nodded. "Okay. If you're sure. Uncle Vernon has your stuff under the bed," Harry said. I smiled and dropped to the floor. I crawled under the bed and pulled out my trunk. I put my CD player into the trunk and sprawled out across the couch.

"Harry," I said. He looked at me. "You sink," I pinched my nose. He laughed until Dudley came out of the shower. He shut up and stared at Dudley. "What?" I sat up and looked at Dudley. He was only in a towel, and it was pretty loose. "Gross! Go! Get some clothes on!" I covered my eyes and threw my shoes at him. I think he went back in the bathroom because I heard a door close. "Is he gone?" I asked, my eyes still covered. Harry said he was so I uncovered my eyes. The two of us talked and laughed and joked around, until Harry got in the shower. I ignored Dudley as much as possible, which was a bit hard considering he kept talking to me.

I just kept nodding until he said, "I'm not used to being ignored!" He laid back onto his bed with a loud sigh. I slapped my knees as I stood up.

"You know what, Dudley? I really don't care. It's about time you've learned to deal with being ignored because anyone in their right mind would give you the silent treatment," I said angrily and walked over to Harry, who just got out of the shower. He gave me an appreciative nod while Dudley was holding back a whimpered. "Harry, I'm going to the arcade down stairs. Wanna come? They have pizza!" He nodded and followed me down.

We played arcade games for maybe an hour and ate a whole large pepperoni pizza before we decided to go to bed. I slept on the couch and Harry got the bed. We were back on the road at 6 AM.

The ride was disgusting so I won't go into to detail. We arrived at a boat rental place and Dad went inside. He was gone for maybe an hour! Dad returned and we all rode in a boat to this old shack in the middle of the ocean. They played favorites, again! Dudley got five thick, heavy blankets while Harry and I had to share a tiny sheet. I pulled on three jumpers and sweat pants and curled up next to my best friend. We talked quietly about pretty much everything for quite a while. We talked until a few minutes before midnight. We drew a cake in the dirt with eleven candles and 'Happy B-day' written on it. Dudley's watch chimed midnight.

"Happy birthday, Harry. Make a wish," I kept one elbow on the ground to keep me supported and I hugged him with my other arm. Harry blew out the 'candles' and the door broke down! "Unless you wished for someone to break in, I don't think it worked," I whispered and rolled under the couch as Harry hid in a corner.


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