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The upcoming film 99 Homes, directed by Ramin Bahrani, stars Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield. Garfield plays Dennis Nash, a construction worker who struggles with compromising his morals in order to put his family back into their evicted home.

Serious and poignant though it is (a must-watch Oscar contender in this humble writer's opinion), 99 Homes and its lovely cast were willing to have a little bit of fun with Moviepilot. We sat down with Andrew Garfield and Noah Lomax (who plays Garfield's son Connor in the film) for a bit of a faux father-son challenge.

We gave the actors 99 bricks to build the coolest possible construction in just 99 seconds. Andrew might be able to build houses and swing from webs, but we secretly gave Noah a slight upper hand in the competition (not that he needed it).

To see the small prank Noah Lomax helped us pull on Andrew Garfield, check out the 99 Brick Challenge below:

He cheats against Spider-Man?! That makes this kid a miniature super villain!But seriously... how different does Andrew Garfield look compared to his Peter Parker days?

Posted by on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

99 Homes will be released in select theaters starting September 25, 2015.


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