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We were on a subway train to London. Hagrid wouldn't tell us where in London we were going, though. "One pair Dragon hide gloves. Hagrid, do the mean a real Dragon?" Harry asked as he read our supply lists.

"Can't get it from a pixie, now can ye?" Hagrid responded. "Always wanted a dragon. They's just misunderstood. If the Ministry saw that, they wouldn't be illegal!" Hagrid stared at the ceiling. Several muggles stared at us like we were crazy, so I decided to have a bit of fun-at Hagrid's expense unfortunately.

I glared at them. "He's autistic, leave him alone!" I snarled, knowing that Hagrid wouldn't know what it meant. (A/N: I REALIZE THAT THIS MIGHT BE OFFENSIVE, IT IS NOT MEANT TO BE. I SUPPORT SPECIAL NEEDS PEOPLE, AND HAVE A FEW FRIENDS AMONG THEM-EVEN THOUGH THEY NEVER TOLD ME THEIR NAMES) The muggles apologized quickly, and went back to their own business. "Muggles, so gullible," I whispered with a playful scoff. Luckily, they didn't hear me. The train stopped after a few minutes of comfortable silence, and we climbed off. Hagrid led us into an old, run down place called The Leaky Cauldron. I followed my gigantic friend and my normal sized best friend into the pub/motel. I let my hair out of the ponytail I'd slept in. My, now wavy, blond hair fell to my shoulder and the red fell just past. We were greeted by a with receding grey hair, a faded yellow shirt, a brown pants, and tatty brown pants.

"Ah, Hagrid! The usual, I assume?" The man, who I'm guessing is a bartender, called.

"Not today, Tom, just helping young 'Arry and Alex but their school supplies!" Hagrid answered proudly.

"Bless my soul! It's Harry Potter and Alexia Cason!" The bartender gaped at us and put down the mug he was cleaning. Several witches and wizards came up and shook our hands!

"Pleasure to meet you Miss Cason and Mr. Potter," was said by a majority of the customers. I didn't quite understand why Harry and I were so special, but I guess that's for another time. Hagrid led us over to a nervous looking man with a purple turban. I didn't get a good feeling in my scar from him, though it's probably just nerves.

"Hallo, Professor!" Hagrid greeted. "Harry, Alex, this is Professor Quirell. He'll be teaching ye defense ag'inst the dark arts, at 'Ogwarts!"

"Oh, hello!" Harry stuck his hand out. Quirell sank away.

"F-F-Fascinating s-s-subject. N-N-Not that y-you ne-eed it, e-e-eh, k-k-kid-d-ds," Quirell stuttered. I gave him a puzzled smile and waved.

"Well, we haf'a be goin'! Lots to buy!" Hagrid said giddily.

"Bye!" I told the professor.

"Nice meeting you," Harry waved. We followed Hagrid out through the back door as he drew his pink umbrella. "Hagrid, all those people, how did they know us?" Harry asked once we were outside. The ground was dirt, there wire fences to our sides, and a brick wall in front of us.

"I don't think it's best for me to tell you tha'," Hagrid answered as he tapped a pattern on the wall. Left from the center, up two, diagonal one, down one to the left, down two, down one. The brick wall rumbled and parted into an arch! "Welcome to Diagon Alley!" He gestured to the wizarding market place.

"Wicked!" I smiled as I saw all the shops. I grabbed Harry's hand and pulled him inside. He ran after me with a laugh.


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