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"Hagrid, we don't have any money!" I pointed out as Harry read our lists once more. We have passed an apothecary shop, gardening, books, Quidditch?, robes, and an ice cream parlor.

"Tha's what Gringotts is for!" Hagrid bellowed. Harry and I looked at him like he was mental. Then again, this has all been mental! "It's the wizard bank!" Hagrid explained with a smile through his beard.

"Like I'll have any money in there!" I scoffed. Hagrid raised an eye brow at me, as if asking "Are you sure?" I suddenly wondered if I could actually have money in there. Gringotts was about a three story white building, much like the U.S white house. We followed Hagrid up the concrete stairs and I saw a small rhyme.

"Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed,

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there," Harry read.

"Who would ever rob this place?" I asked Hagrid.

"More people than ye'd think," he answered sadly as he opened the glass doors for us. We walked inside. It wasn't three stories, the lobby's ceiling was thirty feet tall! The floor was marble and a golden chandelier hung from the ceiling. There were desks lining the wall with golden scales and strange.......things..?.....writing numbers. They were maybe two feet tall with pointed ears, an unsightly sneer, and long fingers. I didn't like them, and I found myself grasping Harry's arm before I could take a second look at them.

"Hagrid, w-what are these things?" I asked, hoping that I wouldn't offend them if they'd heard me.

"Them's goblins, Alex. Clever as they are, goblins aren't the best beasts to offend," Hagrid answered gruffly. I nodded, loosening my grip. Harry took my hand, for reassurance like always. Although, I felt something different something. Like, a slap in the face of reality I guess you could say. I felt a few shocks throughout my hand. Not bad shocks, but comforting. I passed it off as static electricity, though. Hagrid stepped up to the front desk, and head goblin-I guess. "Mr. Harry Potter and Miss Alexandra would like to make a withdrawal," Hagrid made his voice deep and authoritative.

"Alexandra is a common name. What is her last?" The goblin sneered. I was extremely hopeful that Hagrid would tell.

"Her mother did not wish for it to be known. Perhaps she'd be under Cason," Hagrid answered after a moment. The goblin wrapped his bony fingers around the desk and peered down at us. He had dead brown eyes and black hair.

"Does Mr. Harry Potter and Miss Alexandra Cason have their keys?" He sneered.

"Got 'em here some'ere," Hagrid grunted and dug through his pockets. He pulled out two golden keys, each the size of his little finger, and handed him to the goblin. "Here y'are, Griphook." The goblin, Griphook, sat back in his seat after accepting the keys. "Oh, and Dumbledore gave me this," Hagrid whispered, sliding Griphook an envelope marked CLASSIFIED.

"Very well," Griphook said and jumped from his chair.


After about twenty minutes of being on a cart in the London Underground, we arrived at Harry's vault.

"Vault number 687! Lamp please," Griphook climbed out of the cart. Hagrid yanked the lamp from the back of the cart and handed it to him. Griphook waddled over to the vault, Hagrid, Harry, and I following, and handed the lamp back to Hagrid. "Key please!" Hagrid gave the goblin Harry's tiny key. Griphook slid a latch to reveal a keyhole and unlocked the vault. Harry had stacks upon stack of gold coins!

"Didn't think they'd leave ye broke, did ya?" Hagrid winked. Harry entered the vault and took a coupled handfuls of coins. We left and Griphook lead us a few vaults to the left.

"Vault 674!" Griphook announced. Hagrid handed the tiny man my key and Griphook opened the lock. There wasn't much in it, but I was glad to get anything to be honest! There was a bite to taped the wall. That's where I went first.

'Alexia, if you're reading this it means I haven't survived the war. It also means that you did. Thank Merlin for that! I know this isn't much but I didn't wish for you to acquire ill gotten money. You are from a rich family, but all of the wrong profession. I was forcibly adopted into that profession, but I also worked at Hogsmead with Madame Rosmerta. This should be more than enough to get you through Hogwarts and onto your feet when you graduate. Love you, sweetie! ~Your Mum, Anjeliyah Martin.' It said in quickly written scarlet letters. I tore the note from the wall and pocketed it. I wasn't going without it. I took a handful of coins, called Galleons Hagrid says, and left quickly. We got back into the cart and went down a floor.

"Vault 713!" Griphook announced. I was waiting for Hagrid to hand Griphook a key, but instead Griphook told us to stand back. He drew a straight line through the door, and it vanished! Inside was a single spot light shining on a package smaller than my hand! Hagrid took it unceremoniously and next the vault quickly.

"Best to keep this between us, Hogwarts' business," Hagrid said bluntly as he placed the package in one of his many pockets. Harry and I nodded and climbed back into the cart, now heading to the surface.



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