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We, as in Harry, and I, have finished a majority of our shopping. The day was.........eventful, I guess you could say. Witches and wizards came up to us, shaking our hands, asking questions, and offering us free things (to which I forced Harry to decline)! I suppose it's great to feel wanted, but this want is for an accomplishment that I have no knowledge of! I'd prefer want for my personality and just for being me, not something that might not have actually happened!

"We still need our.......wands," Harry brought me out of my thoughts. We were walking down the cobblestone streets of Diagon Alley, and the place was friendly, welcoming, and everything that the Dursleys weren't! I smiled as the shopkeepers tipped their hats to us. I inclined my head to them and waved, to which they were quite shocked.

"A wand?" Hagrid glanced down at us, his step never faltering. "Well ye want Ollivanders! T'ain't no place better!" He pointed his giant finger to a wooden shop with a green sign. In yellow letters the sign read, 'Ollivander's wand shop. Maker of fine wands since 382 B.C.E.' (A/N: Sorry if this isn't completely accurate, but I'm trying!!!)

"That's a long time!" I said in amazement as we walked into the shop. Hagrid left, claiming to need to run a quick errand. Giants don't run errands! Oh well. Harry followed me into the dark shop. It was dimly lit with red walls and a dusty wooden floor. It had a dusty wooden table near the window with an artificial plant in a blue vase on it. There was a desk and behind it, a gazillion wands!!! Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you should see it! Rows upon rows and stacks upon stack of dusty black boxes with wands just waiting to choose a lucky witch/wizard! "Eh-hem," I cleared my throat to be noticed. A man with fuzzy grey hair on a rolling ladder swung into a view. His old brown eyes lit up as he saw us.

"Mr. Potter! Miss Alexia! I was beginning to wonder when I'd see you here! It seems only yesterday that your parents bought their first wands!" Ollivander said as he began to rummage through the shelves. "Mr. Potter, please try this one," he instructed. I pushed Harry forward, him in his oversized clothes from a few days before. Ollivander handed him a golden wand with a deep brown handle and instructed Harry to give it a flick. Harry did so and I had to duck in order to avoid the red light that it shot. It shattered the lamp behind me, exactly where had my head had been moments previously! "No! Definitely not!" Harry gave the old man the wand back. Ollivander handed him a reddish brown wand, which he took hesitantly. Harry waved the wand and sent boxes and boxes of wands from their shelves. Harry jumped and have that wand back without second thought. "Hmm. Perhaps......." Olivander whispered to himself as he disappeared into his stores. He came back a moment later with a brown wand with a darker and wider handle. It was eleven inches, holly, and Phoenix feather core. "This," he handed Harry the wand. Wind from nowhere blew in his face and a golden light erupted from the tip of the wand. Correction: the tip of HIS wand. "Yikes," Olivander scolded. "Curious. Very curious."

"Sorry, but what's curious?" Harry asked, eyes not leaving his wand. Olivander took the wand from Harry and turned it over in his hands.

"I remember every wand I've ever sold. It just happens that the Phoenix, who's tail feather is in your wand, gave only one other feather. It's curious that this wand chose you considering its brother gave you that scar!" Olivander pointed the wand at Harry's lightning bolt shaped scar. Harry asked of the owner. "We do not speak his name! However, I can tell you that we can expect great things from YOU, Mr. Potter. After all, He-who-must-not-be-named, did great things. TERRIBLE, but great," his voice dropped to a whisper. Harry nodded, shocked. And if I were honest, so was I! Olivander turned to me.

"Miss Alex! Come up here, please!" He told me. I stepped forward confidently. "Wand arm?" He asked. I thrust out my right arm. Mr. Olivander began taking measurements and muttering things I couldn't begin to comprehend. "Hmmmm.......let's see here," he disappeared once more. He returned and handed me a black wand with a deep brown handle. It broke the windows! I jumped and basically threw the wand onto his desk. He chuckled and handed me another wand. It was brown and wrapped with vines. It blew a hold in the floor! That isn't it! Olivander then gave me the most beautiful and unique wand I've ever seen! It started out black at the handle and faded into a tan st the skinny tip. There was a small vine wrapped around it from the handle to the center and the handle was a dark black tear drop. I flicked it and a warm feeling spread through my fingers and throughout my body. Kind of like when Harry would take my hand. I mentally slapped myself! Everything went back into place! The end was ten and 3/4 inches, ash wood, and Dragon heartstring. I loved it!

Harry and I paid our seven galleons and left, much happier than when we walked in. We found Hagrid with a large covered cave, standing in the center of the street. "Harry, happy birthday!" He exclaimed as he threw off the purple satin blanket. Inside was a gorgeous snowy owl with black spots on her wings. Her beak was yellow and her eyes a beady green. I loved her!

"What cha gonna name her, Harry?" I asked as I stroked her through the cage. She nipped my fingers affectionately with a friendly hoot.

"I'm not sure. Thank you so much, Hagrid!" Harry took the cage and we left Diagon Alley.


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