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Rose Moore

It's time for round two of the 5 Day Game Challenge, with a multiplayer offering that I can't get enough of.

I love multiplayer games. I love being able to sit down with friends and nerd out and play silly games (or more serious games, although those are usually of the tabletop variety). There's something gloriously wholesome and nostalgic about it for me; it reminds me of sleepovers as a kid, where we would stay up all night holding Top Gear tournaments and eating junk food.

However, as awesome as Top Gear is (and if you tell me you didn't cheat by waiting at the bottom of a hill with your finger on the turbo, you are lying), it's not the top of my list anymore. This one is:

Mario Kart 64

Oh yes. You can keep your Rock Band with its extra equipment and your Wii sports that are waay too much like actual exercise, because when my friends are over, we'll be playing Mario Kart.

There's a good reason that this is a classic for gamers. It's just so much darn fun! There's always a debate over who gets to be which character, there's usually at least one person who routinely runs into walls for no apparent reason, and there's always someone who just can't help but move their entire upper body when they steer (it just feels more natural that way, ok!?).

Racing through Bowser's Castle, cursing Yoshi Valley, and occasionally throwing up your hands and playing Luigi Raceway just to feel good about yourself, this game is awesome. It's not complicated, it's fun for other people to watch as well as play, and it doesn't take too long to get through a round or even a tournament.

This isn't a game to lose yourself in for hours, but that's not what a multiplayer game should be. It's one to play with friends, as long as your friends are ok with you mercilessly shelling them at every available opportunity. Perfect!


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