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If you read Moviepilot - and indeed, that's exactly what you're doing right now - there's a good chance you've seen us on Facebook. We're a community of 30 million likes across 15 different Facebook pages - one of the largest multi-channel publishers in social.

Today, we're excited to announce that Facebook has added Moviepilot to the new "Instant Articles" initiative (along with Huffington Post, Vox Media, Refinery29, and a handful of others). But what exactly is "Instant Articles" and what does that mean for Moviepilot readers and creators?

Here's an example
Here's an example

Instant Articles - in the words of Facebook - is a new way for publishers to create fast and interactive mobile articles. When you see an instant article on your mobile Facebook, you'll be able to load the article about ten times faster than your normal Facebook post, and you'll also see exciting new interactive elements (hi-res zooms, creative video displays, embedded audio captions) that give new meaning to the mobile experience. In short: Instant Articles just changed the game for creative content on your phone.

As for Moviepilot...we see Instant Articles as a perfect fit for the recently launched "Moviepilot Magazine" - a mobile magazine that unites our fan creators and Hollywood's top celebrities on a level playing field. You might remember our inaugural "Stars to Watch" issue, which featured guest posts from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ridley Scott, and Simon Kinberg.

Stay tuned for more on Moviepilot Instant Articles. We'll be putting our personal stamp on these and creating some of the coolest and most sharable pieces you've ever seen on your mobile.


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