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Dumbledore said the password to an eagle gargoyle. "Acid pops." The eagle leapt aside and Dumbledore pushed me onto the stairs. The stairs stopped and I was already in Dumbledore's office. His office was huge! It had portraits lining every wall, little knickknacks, trinkets, and doodads, he even had a bird! Not just any bird, a Phoenix! He was red with one blue tail feather and one gold. He had brown eyes and a kind look in them. I pet him softly and he purred like a cat! Dumbledore walked in a moment later. "I see you've met Fawkes," he smiled.

"He's lovely, sir!" I praised in awe. I pushed my hair from my face and sat down as Dumbledore told me.

"Now. Let's talk about your ranking here," Dumbledore began. I nodded, wanting to know every detail of what it meant to be a royal. "You see. A royal is someone who is perfectly in tune with everything and everyone. You have a balance of creativity, loyalty, ambition, and courage. Also meaning that you are balanced between all elements! Each house of Hogwarts represents another element. Hufflepuff represents air, the element that is loyal and always there. Ravenclaw is water, the element that gets so far by pushing on and just being. Gryffindor is fire. The element of courage and no bounds. Then there is Slytherin. Earth. Predictable, but clever. A royal fits all of these roles perfectly. A royal has never been seen before you. It was thought to have been a legendary myth."

"But sir, I don't quite understand. What's so special about being a royal? Other than balance," I asked.

"A royal is the most powerful witch or wizard there is! Your soul purpose is to bring unity and hope to the world," Dumbledore explained. My eyes widened with surprise and shock. I was actually worth something! "The founders of Hogwarts have left a couple gifts for you." Dumbledore pulled out a wooden box. I ran my fingers over the carved Hippogriff, badger, and serpent. "You have more talent than you know, and much more than you credit yourself for," Dumbledore told me. I opened the cherry wood box and smiled. Inside was a gorgeous necklace with a glowing locket lying on midnight blue fabric. I put the necklace on and felt a warm, protected feeling. The feeling I get when I'm with Harry. Whoa..........wait! Backup! When do I think like that? I shook the feeling and took out the blue cloth. I gasped with delight. It unfolded into a blue floor length dress with blue laced sleeves. The bodice was tight and became a loose skirt at the waist. The waist had a silver belt while the bodice was embellished with yellow rhinestones. The skirt was as well except they were scarlet. "Wear it proudly, Princess Alexia," Dumbledore smiled.

"I-I love it!" I stuttered. "But sir, isn't it a bit glamorous compared to the school robes?" I asked.

"That dress is for days off and things alike. That was the uniform style when Hogwarts was first made. We have bewitched the dress to fit all occasions and constantly coincide with your need of it. You are only forced to wear this as a school robe, but may wear it whenever else you wish. Go try it on," Dumbledore told me. I nodded and took the dress with me to a joined room. The dress fit perfectly, probably another enchantment! And I looked good! I thought of out fits I would need. For casual the top of the dress remained the same. The sweet heart neckline, embellishments (except now silver) lined the top and the lace sleeve remained the same. The skirt turned into a pair of black skinny jeans with a scarlet belt. 'Robe' I thought. The outfit became a black robe with dazzling red, green, and bright blue diamonds. A smiled and for some reason my mind wandered to swimming. I now wore a red one piece with blue, green, and yellow diagonal stripes from the top left strap to the bottom right. I smiled and made it the robe again. Except it was different this time. It was now a black robe with a golden cardigan and a blue skirt along with a green and silver tie. I grinned and left the room.

"Lovely!" Dumbledore smiled as I showed him my school uniform. "Keep that necklace with you at all times and keep that dress."

"Promise. Thank you so much, Sir!" I hugged the old headmaster. He said that it was his pleasure and I dismissed myself to the Gryffindor common room. (I only know where it is because I heard it was at the top right tower.)


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