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I woke up in the girls' dorm with a yawn. My first thought: 'Where the bloody h--- am I?' My second: 'Where is Harry?' Then my surroundings hit me like a brick wall. I was a witch at Hogwarts and Harry was in his room. I sighed with relief and sat up. Everyone in my dorm was already up and downstairs so I climbed out of bed. I looked down, realizing that I had slept in my robe so I didn't have to get dressed. Don't judge, I'm tired! I walked to the washroom, rubbing my eyes. I pulled my toothbrush from under the sink, it was red, and brushed my teeth with spearmint toothpaste. I rinsed, wiped my mouth, and grabbed my blue polka-dot brush. I looked up in the mirror and squealed with happiness. My hair: bubblegum pink. My eyes: dazzling green. Hermione ran into the dorm, looking frightened.

"Are you okay?" She asked me.

"I'm better than okay! My hair is changing again!" I smiled and looked at her. Her jaw dropped and her brown eyes lit up.

"You're a Metamorphmagus!" She gasped. I gave her a puzzled look. "I'll explain later," she waved her hand and bounced back to the Common room. I smiled at my reflection and decided I'd try a punk look today. I made my hair shoulder length and turquoise with black and white highlights. I made my eyes a crystal blue and put my glasses on. I brushed through my hair and left to the Common room.

I noticed that no one in Harry's dorm were down yet as I accidentally kicked Trevor, Neville's toad. I picked up the toad and climbed the stairs to Harry's dorm. I knocked loudly four times. No answer. I shut my eyes, held Trevor in my right hand, and pushed open the door with my left. I heard a series of gasps as I opened the door.

"Don't you knock?" Someone asked angrily, Dean Thomas I think.

"First of all: I did knock, four times! Secondly: I can't see so yeah," I said snarkily.

"Why are you up here?" He sighed.

"Two reasons. One: I found Trevor, Neville. Second: you guys are going to be late," I answered, my eyes still shut tight.

"Thanks, Alex!" Neville said and took the toad from me. I nodded and left the room.


"Whew! We made it," Ron sighed as he and Harry burst into Transfiguration ten minutes late. "Could you imagine the look on McGonnagle's face if we were late?" I looked up only briefly to give them an 'I told you so' look. Once they gave me a puzzled look I continued to scrawl the notes written across the board about Transfiguration fundamentals. Suddenly the grey tabby cat leapt from the front desk and turned into Professor McGonnagle, who had a smug smirk.

"That was bloody brilliant!" Ron praised hopefully. Flattery will get him nowhere.

"Thank you for that assessment, Mr. Weasley. Perhaps it would be beneficial for me to transfigure Mr. Potter and yourself into a pocket watch? That way one of you might be on time!" She snapped.

"W-We got lost," Harry looked down at the ground.

"Then perhaps a map? I trust you don't need one to find your seats!" She went back into her cat form. Ron sat at the table in front of Hermione and I while glaring at me.

"This is your fault!" He accused in a whisper.

"My fault!? How so?" I scoffed quietly.

"If you hadn't come in we wouldn't have had been late!" He hissed.

"By the sounds of your groggy voices you had only just woken up! Besides, everyone else in your dorm made it up early!" I returned, trying hard not to draw attention to myself. Ron looked defeated and returned to his work. Just peachy: first day, first class, first accusation, first small fight. Just a couple of firsts.


A/N: Sorry if the title made you think that Alex and Harry were getting together! Hope you liked this! See you when I can! Bye!!!!!!!!!

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