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"Eye of rabbit. Harp string hum. Turn this water into rum," Seamus chanted for the twelfth time!

"Seamy, it ain't gonna work!" I told him with hillbilly mixed with my Australian accent.

"What's Seamus trying to do to that glass of water?" Harry wondered from the other side of the table.

"Turn it to rum," Ron answered. "Actually managed a weak tea yesterday, but-" he was cut off by an explosion. I turned to my left to see my sandy haired friend with soot covering his freckle laden face.

"I told yoooouuuuuu!" I sang in a high-pitched voice. Harry smiled at me and I got a bit lost in his emerald eyes. I noticed that Seamus was sticking his tongue out at me. "You wanna play dirty, boy?" I stared him in the blue eyes.

"Bring it!" He said menacingly. I smirked and took a bottle of pumpkin juice. It may or may not have ended up in his hair. He smushed tuna salad in my hair and it turned an appalled green. I hate tuna! I glanced up to Professor Dumbledore, begging with my blue eyes. He seemed to understand for he nodded with a small chuckle.

"FOOD FIGHT!" I shouted and squirted ketchup in Seamus' hair. After a few minutes, in which I was tackled and spoon fed a ham and cheese sandwich, pelted with apples, and draped in mustard, the food fight stopped. A squawk was heard and everyone returned to their seats.

"Ooh, mail's here!" Ron smiled, being one of the few that hadn't been attacked with food. Ron's owl, Errol, dropped the Daily Prophet and a letter in front of Ron.

"Can I borrow this?" Harry asked as he picked up the newsprint. Ron nodded. "Lexi, Ron, look at this!" Harry exclaimed as he read it. "Someone broke into Gringotts!" He said amazed.

"Wonder what they found. Accordin' to the rhyme it was more than treasure," I scoffed.

"Listen, 'Believed to be the work of dark witches or wizards, unknown, Gringotts' goblins were acknowledging the breach and insist nothing was taken. The vault in question, number 7-1-3, had in fact been emptied earlier that same day!' That's odd. That's the vault Hagrid took us to," Harry read.

"He also told us not to mention it, which you just did, Harry!" I pointed out. His ears went red and Ron laughed.

"You are a strange girl, you know that. Awesome, but strange," Ron said.

"So are you," I smiled, calling him a girl once again.

"Quit calling me a girl!" The ginger demanded.

"Only if you stop callin' me one. I'm a tom-boy so I guess that I'm just a somethin'," I smirked, trying to ignore the mustard going in my ear.

"That's different! You actually are a girl. When I say you're odd it's a compliment! When you call me a girl it's just rude!" He argued.

"Harry, can you explain things to young Ronald here?" I asked.

"When she's rude it means she doesn't hate you. It applies to everyone for a while. You can expect her sarcastic comments to die down by Christmas," Harry rolled his green eyes.

"I haven't seen Hermione deal with it! Or you!" Ron grumbled.

"I didn't have to, we've known each other our whole lives," Harry answered cheekily.

"And I do deal with it. Every night," Hermione said from beside me.

"See, Ronald? It's nothin' against you personally. It's Now, if I don't like you, you could tell," I shrugged, moving my green hair from my face.

"How so?" Ron asked.

"It's not pretty!" Harry answered with a frightened look.

"Let's just say, you couldn't look at me without a rude comment and the occasional kick in the gut when you talk to me," I waved my pale hand. Ron paled with a gulp.

"Don't wanna get on your bad side then!" He said with a scowl. I smiled with a knowing look.

"I'm gonna get cleaned up. Don't wanna know what it feels like when mustard dries in your ears. Any of you comin'?" I stood up and slung my bag over my shoulder. They shook their heads and I ran off to the Gryffindor Common Room.


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