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I've been at Hogwarts for a week, and I've been doing well. I am above average in my class, nearly friends with everyone I've properly met, and drama has been a bit lacks. Yay! My week as a Gryffindor has finished and I now join the lovely eagles of Ravenclaw. I was waiting to see what their common room was like, and how the people are. I hear that they're stuck up, but rumors are a lying mediocrity of those without a life. Therefore, I chose to forget all about the rumors as I confidently made my way over to the Ravenclaws at dinner. I sat next to a lonely ginger near the end of the table. She looked about my age. My hair was a neon orange, showing that I'm upbeat today. My eyes were purple just to match. I sat across from the girl. She looked up and smiled. She had kind blue eyes and freckles. She reminded me immensely of Ron.

"Alexandra. Call me Alex or Alexia," I smiled brightly.

"Cherri Weasley," the eleven year old responded. My eyes widened and my hair turned a shocking blue.

"Weasley? Why've I never heard Ron or the twins talk about you?" I asked as my hair turned a quizzical grey.

"They don't know that I exist. Mum gave me away as a baby because she couldn't afford to have me around. It tore her up to do it, or so I hear," Cherri answered awkwardly.

"But wouldn't the oldests remember you?" I inquired as I took a gulp of pumpkin juice.

"Mum sent me off to the orphanage the day I was born. Only Mum and Dad know I exist," she answered as she took a bite of Sheppard's pie.

"That's bloody awful! I am so sorry! Hey, listen, who do you live with?" I said as I took a bite of treacle tart.

"I live at an orphanage over the summers and Professor McGonnagle watches over me during school," She answered as her ginger hair fell into her face.

"Well that's not good!" I said as a plan formed in my head. I was going to send Cherri home, but first I needed to know a bit about her. I decided I'd hang out with her all week and get to know her. "Cherri, I'll be back in a minute. I need to talk to a friend," I said plainly and stood from the bench. My hair had glazed over in determined magenta. Cherri nodded with trust in every feature. I walked over to Harry and tapped his shoulder. He turned around and smiled at me.

"Aren't you supposed to be with Ravenclaws?" He asked kindly, curiosity gleaming in his emerald eyes.

"I need your help," I hissed. This got his attention. He told Ron he'd be back and followed me out of the hall.

"Did someone hurt you?" We're the first words he said.

"No, but I need your Gringotts' key," I said quickly.

"Why?" He asked skeptically.

"Because I need money. A lot of it. More than I own. You have more money than you'll ever use, but I know someone who needs it," I answered.

"Okay. Take as much as you need," Harry answered. "Hagrid has our keys."

"Thanks so much, Hare!" I hugged him tightly.

"Anytime, Lexi," be returned my phone crushing embrace. I pulled away and ran towards Hagrid's but. I'd make my way to Ravenclaw tower later.


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