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I pounded on the game keeper's door. I heard barking from inside and a grunt. My friend opened the door.

"Oh! 'Ello, Alex!" He boomed.

"Hello, Hagrid! I need a massive favor!" I returned. Hagrid gestured me inside and I followed. His hut was HUGE! The roof was about twelve feet up, a massive bed lie in a corner, a couch the size of a dragon in another, a table nearly as large as Hagrid sat in the center of the home, and a kitchen aligned the rest of the house. I sat at the table.

"So, wha' It it ye be needin',?" Hagrid asked as he poured me a tankard of tea.

"I need Harry's key," I said bluntly. Hagrid spat his tea out I barely avoided it. "I have Harry's permission," I said in a business tone.

"Well, if 'Arry agreed then here ye go," Hagrid said gruffly and handed me the tiny golden key.

"Thank you, Hagrid," I took the key. "Now, how can I get to Gringotts before holiday?"

"Go 'n ask Dumbledore! He likes Acid pops, he does," Hagrid winked.

"Thanks Hagrid!" I hugged him and took my tea with me to Dumbledore's office.


"Acid pops!" I told the stone gargoyle that blocked my path. The stone eagle leapt aside and I climbed the stairs without hesitation. I knocked on the mahogany door.

"Come in," came the kind voice of the headmaster. I pushed open the door and strode in, directly to a chair in front of Dumbledore's desk. "Ah, Princess Alexia, how can I help you?"

"I need to go to Gringotts, today," I said immediately.

"Why so urgent?" He chuckled. He stared at me kindly over his glasses. I pushed mine up.

"The happiness of a student comes before my sleep, headmaster," I answered.

"Well, step this way, please," Dumbledore ordered. He led me over to a fireplace as he pulled a blue bag from his desk. He pushed me into the fireplace. "This is called the floo. Take the powder and say Diagon Alley while throwing the powder into the flame," he instructed as he held the bag out to me. I pulled out a handful of powder.

"Diagon Alley," I ordered and dropped the powder. I was enveloped in emerald flames and I felt dizzy.


"I would like to make a withdrawal from the vault of Mr. Harry Potter," I told Griphook. The goblin opened his mouth to protest, but closed it once more as I showed him the golden key. I was incredibly impatient today.


"Did Mr. Potter give you a limit?" Griphook asked as he unlocked the vault.

"No. I need two bags of galleons," I answered. Griphook nodded and told me to get the bags from the cart. I did so. I walked into Harry's vault and stuffed the bags. Griphook took me back to the surface a moment after I was finished.



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