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"What is the longest word in the dictionary and why?" The gargoyle asked me.

"Smiles, because there is a mile between each 's'," I answered immediately. The gargoyle nodded and leapt aside. I walked down the short corridor and into the Ravenclaw common room. The walls were bronze and the furniture was blue. It was gorgeous! It was past curfew so no one was in the common room. I walked up to the Girls' dorm and laid down on the empty bed that housed my trunk at the end of it. The sheets were a sky blue and the curtains were a midnight blue. I found it lovely. I crawled into bed and fell asleep as soon as my head the pillow.



I was in a meadow at midnight. I was in a white flowing dress and my hair was my normal color and in a braid. My eyes were grey and I was the happiest person at the time. I saw Hermione!

"Alexia! Help us!" She cried with years streaming down her face. A white hand clasped over her mouth and pulled her into a forest. I pulled my dress up and ran after her. I pushed through branches, briars, thorns, and even snakes! I finally stopped at a clearing and wanted to die right then and there. Harry, dead against a tree. Ron, being tortured and slapped. Hermione, losing consciousness from dangling upside down. I reached for my wand, but I didn't have it. My first destination: Ron. Hermione wasn't in pain, and Harry was gone. I kicked the legs out from under the man that was torturing him and Ron hid behind a tree. I moved on to Hermione, but I was lifted up.

"Oh, yes. She could be entertaining to the weres," he snarled. I paled. I tried to kick him in the face, but his grip was too strong. Hermione managed to get away and she and Ron ran off.

"HARRY! HARRY!!!!!!!" I screamed, hoping he would wake up. He didn't. The next thing I saw were werewolves hunched over me, fangs bared.


"Alex! Wake up!" Someone shook me with panic in their voice. I shot bolt upright, fear plastered on every feature. "A-A-Are you okay?" She asked.

"No! I can't figure out if it's real or not!" I said the last part to myself. "What time is it?" I asked before she could ask anything.

"Breakfast. I'm Amanda Clearwater by the way," the girl said. She had short brown hair and mysterious green eyes. Her big sister was the Ravenclaw prefect.

"N-N-Nice to meat you, Mandy!" I stood up. Apparently I had slept in my PJs! I had on a green tank-top and black yoga pants. I had deserted my shorts, not very modest. Mandy nodded with a bright smile. I skipped my shower today because I was already late. I brushed my teeth quickly and brushed through my hair. It was a terrified purple. I made my hair a pale blue and got dressed. I ran to breakfast.

The first place my eyes went: The Gryffindor table. I sighed with relief. I saw all three of my friends talking and smiling. I ran over to Harry.

"You're okay!" I whimpered as I hugged him.

"I saw you yesterday!" Harry laughed. I explained the dream and he hugged me in reassurance. "You have got to learn the difference!" He scolded.

"You know how hard that is for me!" I whined and walked to the Ravenclaw table.


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