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"Come ON, Harry!" I cried and dragged him to flying lessons. I've always wanted to fly, but I couldn't be on the Quidditch team for two reasons. 1) I'm in every house. 2) First years don't get on the house teams. Harry laughed at my enthusiasm. Or maybe he was laughing at me?

"Ravenclaws have DADA right now!" He laughed. I stood stock still and turned around to face him, a wicked smirk on my face.

"STALKER!!!!" I screamed and ran, him following like I knew he would. "HARRY JAMES POTTER IS A STALKER!!!!!" I was running out to the grounds.

"How do you know my middle name?" He panted from behind me.

"I've only lived with you for eleven years!" I said in a 'duh' tone. Then I continued shouting. "THE STALKER IS ALSO CLUELESS!!!!!!!" He chased me to class. Me, being the clumsy mental patient I am, tripped over my own feet. Who does that?! Well, this caused Harry to stumble and fall on top of me. We were both deep red as he got off of me. "We're here, stalker," I smirked as he helped me up.

"Are you okay?" Hermione asked me hurriedly.

"Mentally or physically?" I asked, cocking my head to the side.

"Either," she answered.

"Mentally, no. Physically, yes," I answered. Harry and I busted out laughing. Hermione just eyes us like we were crazy, which we were. I looked down and noticed that Harry still had my hand. "H-Harry, you c-can let go now," I stuttered.

"Oh, sorry," he blushed and let go.

"No, it's fine," I smiled. He nodded, still blushing. "You know, you're cute when you blush," I giggled at him. He blushed even darker, and I laughed at him. "You do realize that I've known you for eleven years, you don't need to be nervous around me," I smirked.

"I know, you're just easy to be nervous around. You seem different some how," he answered without looking at me. I rolled my blue eyes and led him to a couple of brooms.

"Harry?" I brought his attention to me.

"Hm?" He asked.

"You're insane," I shoved him lightly.

"That's you. Plus, I thought I was a clueless stalker?" Harry smirked.

"You wanna see insane?" I asked. He nodded. I crouched down like a frog, made my eyes wide, made my mouth a thin line, and made my hair green. I started hopping around, saying "Ribbit. Ribbit." I finally stopped being crazy and stood back up, making my hair a minty green. I jumped on Ron's back because we were a few minutes early.

"Carry me, peasant!" I shouted in a posh voice.

"Use your own two feet," he whined as he wrapped his arms around my legs to keep me from falling.

"The feet of the Hogwarts queen shan't touch the ground!" I shouted in an authoritative voice that would leave McGonnagle busting a gut!

"We'll see about that," he smirked and let go. I tightened my grip.

"The captain goes down with her ship," I said as we fell on the ground. Everyone was laughing at me, not Ron. Although, the teacher came before we could have any more fun. Ron helped me up, and I stood between Harry and Mione.


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