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"Good afternoon class!" The teacher, Madame Hooch, shouted. She had wild grey hair and a billowing blue buttoned cloak. (Try saying that five times fast)

"Good afternoon, Madame Hooch!" The class chorused.

"Welcome to the first flying lesson! Now, put your right hand over the broom and say 'up'!" She instructed. I did so. Harry and Draco's shot up the first time, mine the third, and well Ron is Ron. After about six times the broom shot up and whacked him in the face! Harry and I snickered.

"Oh, shut it!" Ron said.

"With feeling!" Madame H. instructed. Yeah, I'm calling her that now. After every one had their brooms in hand she gave us our next instruction. "Mount your broom and grip it tight. It'll not be on me if you slide off the end. When I count to three kick off from the ground, hover for a moment, then touch back down. On my whistle. One, two," she blew her whistle. Neville's broom rose up and went bonkers! Is no one going to do anything?! No? I swung my leg over the broom and took off.

"Hold on, Nev!" I called as I stood on my broom once I was close to him. Neville's broom started bucking and taking off in every direction. I leapt from my broom to his, holding on tight and Nev holding onto me. I could get the broom a couple yards from the ground until it started messing up. "Your choice. Soft ground or hard tree!" I told him. He jumped and I heard a snap. He broke something. The broom shifted from lack of weight and I was heading toward the castle wall! I jumped off before I hit the wall, but I did hit my head on the stone walk way.

"Lex, you okay?" Harry's worried voice was distant and my vision was spotted.

"Dizzy glitters!" I giggled before I was out like a light.


I was terrified for her! She jumped when she was higher in the air than the castle wall! God, she's so stupid sometimes. "Come one, Lex," I whispered as Nevill jumped off. She was going for the castle.

"Jump!" Was shouted by everyone. Even the Slytherins! What would Lex say if it was me up there? I knew. She'd be yelling that I'm a reckless retard and would be muttering 'holy chiz knockers'. She really is crazy, but that is why she's completely awesome!

"Lex, you okay?" I asked her worriedly. I knew she wasn't okay, but she knew what I meant. I just needed to hear her say something. Her hair turned a pale blue with purple polka dots.

"Dizzy glitters!" She giggled as her eyes fluttered closed. I couldn't carry her to the hospital wing, that much I knew. It's easy when Lex is holding onto me when I give her a piggy back ride, but this is different than from the door to the road.

"Everyone is to keep their feet firmly on the ground while I take these two to the hospital wing. If I see a single broom in the air the one riding it will be expelled before they can say Quidditch," Madame hooch said and picked Lex up. Neville followed them to them to the hospital wing, cradling his broken wrist. Then I noticed, Lex didn't have her locket! My first suspect: Malfoy.

"Maybe if the fat lump had given this a squeeze, he'd remembered to land on his fat arse!" He barked as he tossed Neville's Remembrall like a baseball.

"Give it here, Malfoy!" I spat at him.

"No. I think I'll leave it somewhere for Longbottom to find," Malfoy jumped on his broom, successfully taunting me. "How 'bout on the roof?" He flew up a few yards. "What's the matter, Potter? A bit beyond your reach?" He mocked. I swung my leg over my broom, to be interrupted by Hermione.

"Harry, no way! You heard what Madame Hooch said. Besides, you don't even know how to fly!" She scolded. I was already up in the air, because that's what Lex would do.

"Give it here, Malfoy! Or I'll knock you off your broom!" I shouted.

"Is that so?" He taunted. I lunged forward but he moved over. "Have it your way then!" Malfoy chucked the Remembrall after tying something to it. Her locket. I flew off after it and caught it just before it would have hit a window. I untied the locket and clipped it on my wrist so I could give it to her later. I landed and everyone, excluding the Slytherins, ran up to congratulate me. My mind was only on the one person I wish could have seen it. Lexi.


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