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We entered the Great Hall and everyone stared at the newcomers.

"Oh I'm a gummy bear!!!!" I shouted from Harry's back, my hair turning a humorous pink. I moved so I was sitting on Harry's shoulders.

"You don't look like one!" Lee Jordan responded.

"That's cuz I'm a sexy pickle!" I threw my hands up. (A/N: this actually happened to me the other day!) The entire hall broke into a laughing fit as Harry sat down. I didn't feel like moving so I took a plate of toast and sat it on his head.

"Lex, you can get down now," Harry chuckled.

"Doesn't mean I will. Do you want me down?" I answered.

"I really don't care, you're very light," he answered and took a sip of pumpkin juice.

"Oh oh oh, I really don't care!" I sang.

"Oh! Lex, guess what?" Harry asked, trying not to tip my plate of toast.

"We're awesomer than peepsalls?" I wondered.

"We are, but I meant I got on the Gryffindor Quidditch team!" He answered.

"You lucky duck!" I laughed and playfully slapped him. "As much as I love bein' taller than everyone else, I have to go sit with the Ravenclaws," I said and jumped from his shoulders, taking my toast with me.

"Bye, Alex!" Ron called through a mouth full of eggs.

"See ya, Alexia!" Hermione waved.

"Later, Lex!" Harry smiled. I waved back and made my way to Cherri. I needed to learn a bit more about her before I sent her home.

"Hey, Cher!" I smiled and sat across from her, my hair going back to auburn.

"Hey, Princess!" She called.

"Seriously, just call me Alex," I laughed as I poured a goblet of milk.

"Fine. Wanna play what's your fave?" She asked excitedly.

"Why not? What's your favorite color?" I answered. The game went on and on.


Color: Teal

Person: Tanner Mays, a Hufflepuff

Song: Oath by Cher Llyod

Place: Black Lake or pizza place

Clothes: if it fits and is less than five galleons


Color: Mint green

Person: Peeves the Poltergeist. She says he doesn't count! Puh-lees!

Song: Catching my breath

Place: Forbidden Forest. I snuck out there one time, and made friends with a couple centaurs.

Clothes: if I don't feel like a slag and it's comfy


**Courtyard after class because classes were lame**

"Ron, I'm going to make a fool of myself! I've never even played Quidditch!" Harry argued as we walked back inside. Apparently Fred and George made him anxious by telling him that players have been known to disappear.

"Harry James Potter, if I ever hear you say that again I'll punch you so hard your eyes turn pink! You've done a million things that you would have failed in!" I threw my hand up in exasperation.

"Name one," Ron said.

"Okay. This one time in first grade, Harry dressed up like a girl just so I would give him 5£," I said. "Wig, dress, everythin'. No one even knew he wasn't a girl, therefore he didn't make a fool of himself," I shrugged. Harry went pink.

"I was five!" He shouted at me. "Besides, this is different. This isn't putting on a show with high heels. This is flying fifty feet in the air with iron balls trying to kill me," he said. I just noticed that Hermione was with us.

"You won't make a fool of yourself. It's in your blood," she explained. I moved my hands, saying that Hermione just proved me right. Harry and Ron gave her a puzzled look and she led us inside. We climbed about three sets of stairs before we came where we wanted. A trophy room.

'J. Potter, former chaser but unbeatable seeker' a plaque read.

"Blimey, Harry! You never told me your father was a seeker too!" Ron gasped.

"I didn't know," Harry answered with amazement in every letter. I ruffled Ron's ginger hair and made Harry's black hair even messier. Ron growled at me as he tried to fix it, but Harry knew why I did it. It meant: I win. The four of us left the trophy room and went back to the stairs.

"It's spooky! She knows more about you then you do!" Ron whispered to Harry.

"Who doesn't?" Harry answered. The boys were ahead of Hermione and I. My bushy haired best friend was a bit shaken by this.

"Do they always talk about me behind my back?" Hermione asked me.

"No, only when you're around. Besides, even if they do: they're behind your back for a reason," I answered. She pulled me into a hug, saying thanks. "Mione, can't breathe!" I gasped. She stepped back, apologizing, to which I shook my head. The staircase moved and I latched onto Hermione, who latched onto me and the banister, as I grabbed the other side of the stairs.

"Wazza goin' on?" Ron called as he held onto the stairs for dear life.

"The stairs move, remember?" Hermione answered. The stairs stopped at an abandoned corridor and Harry had the FANTASTIC *that was sarcastic* idea to go in. Of course, Ron agreed so Hermione and I followed to make sure that they didn't get killed. They. Are. Idiots.


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