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My memory was fussed out by the fear of Filch catching us, most likely, where we aren't supposed to be. I was right, we were in the corridor Dumbledore had warned us about. Mrs. Norris, Filch's ugly cat, followed us into the dark, dank, and depressing corridor.

"It's Filch's cat!" Hermione whisper shouted as the black, red, and brown creatures meowed. "Run?" She asked, already stepping backwards. Everyone nodded and we all broke out into a run. Ron made it to the huge wooden door first. The ginger nearly slammed into the door.

"It's locked!" He shouted in frustration as he tried to open the door. "We're done for!" The ginger paled as he heard Filch at the other end of the corridor. Hermione pushed him aside.

"Move OVER!" She said in exasperation as she pulled out her wand and held it to the lock. "Alohamora!" The silver handle clicked and she opened the door, shoving Harry and Ron inside, me following after making a large splashing noise down the hall to distract Filch. I heard Hermione and Ron arguing as I shut the door. "Yes, Alohamora. Standard book of spells chapter seven," Hermione hissed as she put her wand back in the pocket of her robes.

"I think they're gone," Harry pressed his ear against the door. Ron was saying it was because they think the door is locked. "It was locked for a good reason," Harry said in shock, eyes fixated on something behind us. I turned around and saw a gigantic three headed dog with grey fur and black eyes. Harry, Ron, and Hermione screamed and left the room. That only angered the dog. He began to snap at the door, but I was rooted to the spot.

"This room is too small for you, isn't it?" I asked the dog curiously. The dog tilted all three heads to the left, as if it were sizing me up. I'll make things easier, I'm not even a quarter of your size! The dog apparently thought I was a threat because its center head snapped and growled at me. I gave him a good thwack on the nose. He whimpered and moved backwards. I now noticed what he was standing on. A trapdoor! "Be a good boy and sit!" I ordered. He did so with a whine. I guess he was afraid of me. I scratched behind one of his six ears. "You're just a big ball of fluff aren't ya?" I giggled. He laid down, paws crossed. "Okay, boy, I have to go. Filch will kill me if he finds me here," I waved and left the room, completely unscathed. Both physically and emotionally.


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