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I woke up in the Ravenclaw dorms the next morning, wondering when I got up here. I only remember that giant dog! Oh, well, it's Hogwarts; strange things happen. I took a shower, got dressed in my school robes, brushed my leopard print hair, brushed my teeth, put my glasses on, and made my way to the Common room. I saw Professor Flitwick!

"Morning, Professor," I greeted the charms teacher. He was about as tall as a goblin, had glasses positioned on his crooked nose, wore a blue tail coat and white pants with black boots, and he squeaks when he talks. Overall, he's pretty cool. The short teacher looked up at me with a toothy grin.

"Good morning, indeed, Miss Cason. The headmaster requests you. He rather enjoys acid pops," he squeaked as his short black hair spoofed up to show his pointed ears. They always did that when he's excited.

"Of course, Professor. Please, sir, call me Alex," I smiled as he walked with me to the corridor entrance. Flitwick nodded and left to his seat at the teacher's table for breakfast as I made my way to Dumbledore's office. The walk was quicker than usual, I felt like I was gliding! The gargoyles nodded to me, acknowledging my presence. "Acid pops," I whispered, after I made sure that the corridor was deserted. The gargoyles sprang aside, revealing the hidden spiral staircase. I rushed up, wondering why the headmaster had requested me. I knocked on the mahogany door, my animal print hair growing shorter so I looked like someone from Josie and the pussycats.

"Enter," a hoarse voice called. I confidently pushed open the door and strode inside, now noticing the globe of the moon that was twice my size. "Ah! Princess Alexia, I was waiting for you!" Dumbledore lit up.

"Morning, Professor!" I smiled and took my seat in front of his polished desk. "I heard you needed me?" I sat Indian style in the Victorian chair.

"Yes, actually. I was wondering if you'd like to practice your powers here after classes?" He skipped straight to the point.

"Absolutely! When?" I smiled, my eyes going an excited gold. Now I really looked like a cat.

"The Thursday after next?" Dumbledore suggested, sitting in his own chair in purple star embellished robes. I nodded after I made sure I had nothing else to do. "Wonderful! Now, onto the other reason I called you up here," Dumbledore folded his wrinkled hands on his desk. "I think that a week in each house is a bit too much work. So, you shall stay a Ravenclaw for this year. However, you may occasionally visit the other houses and eat meals with them," Dumbledore explained.

"Of course, Professor. Thank you, sir," I left his office.


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