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It's Halloween now and I want candy!!!!!! Like, sssssoooooo much candy. I jumped out of bed. Well, jumped isn't very accurate, more like I rolled out of bed and landed on the floor in a blue cocoon. I stood up with the help of Cherri and my other roommate, Kaylen Harman, and they helped me out of the covers. I told them thanks and hurried into the bathroom. I took a really quick shower, maybe ten minutes, and stepped out. I dried myself with a white towel and got dressed in my robes for the day. I looked in the mirror and yelped. My hair looked like candy corn! My eyes were like a chocolate brown with caramel colored flecks. I was ready for Halloween! I brushed my teeth and put my glasses on with a smile. I ran a brush through my hair and left the washroom. About twenty minutes was all it took! Off to breakfast!

"Later, suckas!" I yelled to my roomies as I held up a peace sign and left the dorm. I could hear them laughing at me, but oh well. I guess I'm just crazy! Wait, scratch that, I know I'm crazy! I embrace it. I ignored the gorgeous common room and headed straight to breakfast. I was going to sit with Harry today. I feel empty when I don't talk to him! What?! He's my best friend and I've not talked to him in about two months! Judge me, I dare you! I skipped out of the Common room, waving to the stone gargoyle, and down to the Great Hall.

I pushed open the bronze doors to the hall and skipped inside, straight to the Gryffindor table. I glanced up to the ceiling, enchanted like the rising sun, and smiled. There were dancing skeletons in masks, the normal suspended candles except now jack-o-lanterns, and spider webs lining the walls. Best scene ever! I plopped down next to Harry, silently so he didn't notice me as he shoved his face in his oatmeal. Not literally, though that would be awesome! I covered my best friend's glasses with my hands.

"Guess who!" I said with a weird voice that most people couldn't trace back to me. I could see Harry frown, then it turned into a smirk.

"Get off, Lex!" He whined with a chuckle. I took my hands off and pouted at him, my brown eyes peering at him over my glasses. "Don't give me that look!" He groaned. I giggled and shoved him sideways.

"I haven't talked to you for more than ten minutes in a month, and you're just ordering me around!" I huffed, crossing my arms. "Some friend you are," I gave a jocular scoff. Harry looked offended. "Wow, you're clueless," I rolled my eyes. He laughed at me and continued to eat.


The Gryffindors went to charms while I had to go to History of Magic. As to what happened; I fell asleep. Well, professor Binns is boring! His low, consistent, droning voice is basically begging you to sleep! I, being as obedient as I am, obliged. I dreamt of being a goblin in the third war against the trolls. How do I know this? When I sleep, I can hear what people say, and remember it, even though I don't know that I hear it at the time. It's strange, but I've aced the pop quizzes in this class so far because of it!


A/N: Sorry! This is a MAJOR filler, but I can't put in the troll chapter without it. Oh, the troll chapter is going to be mostly my ideas, so it will stray a bit farther from J.K's story. I want to thank everyone who have helped me get to 1.8K reads and 129 votes! Love you all!

Later Lovelies,

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