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"It's LeviOsa not LeviosA!" Ron mocked Hermione after charms. "She's a nightmare, I swear it. It isn't a shock she hasn't any friends!" Hermione bumped him in the shoulder with tears streaming down her face. I turned so the group had to stop and I was facing Ron.

"Actually, Ronald. She does have a friend, me, so I think you need to look before you leap. And to that nightmare comment, I say Liar, liar, pants on fire," with that I took off after Hermione, though I could hear their conversation.

"Alex is such a child," Ron told Harry.

"Ron, look down. She literally set your pants on fire," Harry answered. I then heard Ron scream like a girl and I continued to shout after Hermione. I finally caught up to her as she locked herself in a stall in the girls' lavatory.

"Go away, Alexia! Ron's right: I don't have any friends!" She sobbed when I knocked on the cubicle door.

"'Mione, come out. I'm your friend, I promise. Ron's just a sore looser and a right git. If it makes you feel any better; I set his pants on fire," I told her from the other side of the door.

"Alex! You can't just set people on fire!" She shouted with what I think was a laugh.

"I didn't do it on purpose!" I chuckled.

"Are you really my friend, or are you just being nice?" She asked with a sob.

"I'm really your friend, I promise," I told her calmly. "Now come on out." She unlocked the door and stepped out. I hugged her tightly and she returned it. We talked for about three hours, nonstop!

{HARRY'S POV} "Where's Hermione and 'Lexi?" I asked no one in particular. We were at the Halloween feast and I haven't seen either of them all day! Ron's a bit grumpy, now because Lexi set him on fire, but the fire was completely harmless! I was a bit grumpy that I haven't heard 'Lexi's gorgeous Australia accent all day. Whoa! Snap out of it, Harry!

"Parvati Patil said they wouldn't come out of the girls' bathroom. Said Alex has been calming Hermione down all afternoon!" Neville answered. I nodded, thinking of how I should have known they'd be together. Lexi always was one to help everyone. I continued to eat the sweets that aligned the table, until Professor Quirell ran in. He was pale with fear and screaming!

"TTTRRRRROLLLLLL!!!!! In the dungeons!" He shouted, pointing over his shoulder. "TROLL IN THE DUNGEONS!" He repeated. He stopped in the center of the hall. "Thought you ought'a know," he said and passed out. The entire hall started to scream, now realizing that he wasn't joking. Dumbledore stood up.

"Will everyone, please, not panic? Prefects, lead your house back to the dormitories and teachers will follow me to the dungeons," he ordered. Percy stood up, telling us to follow him and keep watch for the troll. I pulled Ron aside once we left the hall.

"How did a troll get in?" I asked him.

"Not on it's own, that's for sure. They're real thick! It's probably Peeves playing a joke," he answered. I started running down the hall. "Where you going?" He called after me.

"We have to tell the girls!" I answered. He followed me to the girls' bathroom, where the troll already was.

{ALEX'S POV} Hermione stared at something behind me. I turned around cautiously and saw a huge troll! A mountain troll, to be exact. He had giant ears and was grey! He was three times the size of Hagrid and wore shorts and a vest.

"Shiny!" The troll growled as his eyes landed on my locket. His giant hands ripped the locket off, and it hurt!

"That's mine! Give it back, you great brute!" I shouted and jumped on the club he swung at me. I held on tight and jumped on its head as he tried to put the locket in his mouth. I felt cold and exposed right now! "Thank you!" I said as I grabbed the locket as he dropped it into his mouth. Hermione was terrified and backed up against the wall. The troll started to try to hit me, but I guess gymnastics paid off! No, I didn't participate, I just watched and practiced on my own time. I jumped off the troll and landed on the top of the stalls. The troll found me, and swung his club at the stalls. In turn making me fall and land at an awkward angle. I heard my foot snap; not a good thing. Hermione ran over and helped me up just as the door opened.

"Lexi, 'Mione! Move!" Harry shouted. The troll was about to swing again! I ducked, bringing Hermione down with me. I was hit by a few sharp pieces of wood, but I completely ignored it. Hermione crawled over to the sinks and I hid in a corner. It can't take all four of us! I put the red locket back on and felt that warm protected feeling. The troll broke the sink Hermione was under, luckily she moved just in time. Harry did what I did and jumped on the troll. Ron started throwing wood at the troll while calling him stupid. The troll whipped around to face Ron, in the process flinging Harry around. Harry, showing his stupidity once more, shoved his wand up the troll's nose! The beast ignored Ron's comments and yanked Harry off by his ankle. "Do something!" Harry ordered as the troll tried to take his head off.

"What?" Ron asked, utterly confused as he looked around for something to help.

"Anything!" Harry shouted as he barely avoided the troll's club.

"Swish and flick!" Hermione and I advised at the same time.

"Wingardium Leviosa!" Ron did the spell. The troll's club was taken from his hand, now hovering above his head. "Cool," Ron smirked as the club fell and conked the troll on the head. The troll let Harry go and Ron helped him up.

"Move!" I shouted from the corner as the troll fell. They didn't hear me. "Oh, please, please, please," I muttered as I focused on the water that the broken sink was spewing. The water pressure built up and shot out at my command. Ron and Harry were knocked sideways as the troll fell, just barely missing it. "Are you two alright?" I called from the other end of the washroom, not being able to stand.

"Yeah! Are you?" Ron called, sopping wet.

"I think my foot's broken, but other than that I feel great!" I answered. As soon as I mentioned my foot Harry was by my side, helping me up. "Thanks, Harry!" He helped me over to the fallen troll.

"Is it.........dead?" Hermione asked.

"I think it's just knocked out," Harry answered. He let me go and I balanced my weight on my right foot. He bent down with a sloshing noise and pulled his wand out of the beast's nose. "Ugh, troll bogies,"he commented as he wiped the wand on his robe. Just then the washroom door burst open and McGonnagle, Snape, and Quirell came in. McGonnagle gasped.

"Explain yourselves, both of you!" She demanded, addressing Harry and Ron.

"Well, what it is," they both started, Harry once again helping me stand. Hermione and I exchanged a glance and nodded.

"It's our fault, Professor McGonnagle," we said together, me ignoring the blood that was tying to run into my mouth.

"Miss Granger, Miss Cason," she whimpered in disbelief. Together Hermione and I made up a complete bull story.

"I was wandering the corridor and I heard 'Mione scream. I ran in here and saw the troll. I told 'Mione to hold on while I ran and got these two," I lied, staring at my shoes to seem ashamed. Hermione jumped on.

"I led the troll in here. I've read all about them and thought I could handle it. If Alex hadn't found me and gotten Harry and Ron, I'd probably be dead," she lied. Harry and Ron were trying to act like this wasn't news to them.

"I expect more rational behavior and your parts. Miss Granger, five points will be taken from Gryffindor for your awful judgement. Miss Cason, five points from Ravenclaw for your inability to contact a teacher," McGonnagle punished us. We nodded, trying to hide our smiles. She turned to the boys. "I hope you realize how lucky you are. Hardly any seventh years could take on a fully grown mountain troll and live to tell. Let alone a group of first years! Five points will be awarded to each of you," she paused. "For sheer dumb luck!" She added rudely. Harry was staring at Snape. I followed his gaze and saw that Snape's leg was covered with blood! Snape noticed us and pulled his cloak to cover it. With that McGonnagle and Snape left. Quirell told us to hurry an leave before the troll woke up. He didn't have to tell me twice!


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